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  1. Hey! When we first announced Weird Heat, we promised that every episode/theme wouldn't just be stuff like depression and disappointment, and so our newest episode is about "pets."

    That meant a new Weird Heat episode where we talked about our history with pets. Adopting them. Raising them. Saying goodbye to them. It's a really good show and I can't wait for you to hear it.

    That also meant I had to make a song about pets. What? What the fuck is a song about pets? My mind immediately went to corny children's music territory and I started to panic a bit. This was gonna be tough.

    Max challenged me to "use dog sounds and stuff, like a mature version of the music maker in Mario Paint" and I laughed and then quietly got really nervous because that's not entirely easy to pull off without veering in to bad parody territory. Especially when my music has a tendency to be sort of heavy and moody sounding.

    I knew I wanted to do a few things when making this song. One, I wanted to sample the original vinyl pressing of Disney's "The Fox and the Hound" as it was one of the first records I ever owned as a kid along with a Fisher Price My First Turntable. That movie is the story of a hunting dog that befriends a wild fox before realizing they're supposed to be enemies. The dog gets a nice family to live with and the fox grows up to live in the woods even though they're pretty similar species, meaning the way we choose pets as a society is sort of arbitrary. The original vinyl was a picture record and it came with a book. It's one of those old "turn the page when you hear the beeps" recording. R Lee Ermy from Full Metal Jacket plays a hunter in that movie, so that's fucking weird.

    Two, I knew I wanted to incorporate Ren and Stimpy clips when I think "cats and dogs" I think of them almost immediately, even over actual cats and dogs I had as pets. A wonderful side effect to this song is that I got to watch a fuckton of Ren and Stimpy clips until I settled on sampling the skinny dipping episode where they unzip their skins and go swimming in the nude until an insane man with a bone in his head shows up to join them and taunt them. I don't know why anybody let me watch that show as a kid.

    Three, I knew I wanted to give Max his damn dog barking noise, which I used at the end of each breakbeat loop as sort of bass note stab. It's actually two dog barking noises stacked: a gruff, large German Shepherd bark and a small Pomeranian yelp slowed down and dragged out to match the bigger dog bark. Max has an adorable Pom named Peppers (a great pet) so it's a nice little nod.

    Anyway, enjoy the song! It's weird and funky and different for me but I'm really happy with it. I think it will play as a nice interlude between heavier songs when we finally stitch all these together as an album. At the very least, it got me out of my comfort zone, and that's what creating stuff is all about.

    – Brian

  2. This is magnificent! Truly one of my favorite beats I’ve heard in awhile, and I’m always digging for hip hop instrumentals… so much creativity and positivity flows through me when listening to this!

  3. I'm imagining badass pets driving Tron bikes with this song in the background. Awesome, Brian. Like the two previous ones, "OPTIMISM"(Prime) and "DiSSSappointment". This is actually Weird Heat 😀

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