43 thoughts on “Pets vs Machines

  1. Ok, i never make comments like this kn animal vids…But the lady with the lawn mower was absolutely stupid. Dog could've run under it or gotten too close when she lifted it to turn. My younger cousin lost her foot when she got behind my uncle's riding mower when calling him for dinner and he didn't hear. That dog would've been just a red mist.

  2. I hate those white little dogs… my neighbor got one, in a flat, and it barks and whines all the day… also somebody in a flat what's also in this area has the same kind of dog, and when she's out with the dog in the balcony, the dog barks at anything it sees… and that house is next to a park, so… yeah, chilly suburban life (no)

  3. I felt so sorry for the cat with the auto feeder! I watched a video about those and they don't feed half as much as your animal needs. These ppl probably don't know that and the poor cat is starved ?

  4. and my favourite is the one where the garage door and the dog seems like he used the force and it went up

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