PETS! Real Time Arena, Developer Q&A and The Future: Epic Seven

what's up guys I bought a Mon and welcome back to another epic 7 video I know that there were a lot of gaps with the episode and Festa that was presented in Seoul Korea so today we're actually going to go over the developer Q&A that they actually did to talk about the future and beyond and what we can expect after the June 13th and the June 27th update so well technically June 12 and June 26 if you guys are stateside but forever work in KSC it's actually the 13th and the 27th so we're gonna talk about all the stuff we're gonna highlight some stuff they talked a lot about the art and the features before we get into that though special shout out to – e – o e – o a1 if I said that right if I murdered ed I'm sorry but he compiled all the QA information on Reddit if you guys are just interested in the QA you guys can check it out for yourself here he did a rough translation for everybody since the translation was kind of rough and you guys will see that here as we get into the actual screenshots and the photographs and all the characters and the design and all that other stuff so anyway guys without further ado let's go ahead and dive on in basically on the 9th they said that they set this up these are some screenshots of some of the cosplay is pretty fire right pretty fire I know go ahead don't worry I'll post a link in the description box below so you guys can get these if you guys notice this we got a Archy plushie and a little I forgot his name but yeah these are some of the flesh and I'm sure this emergence is going to be coming later if you guys can see this here below these are the puzzles bills with some every 7 cups some of the figurines that you guys can see here boom and then you guys got the the concept art books and looks like a poster I'm assume that looks like the updated content creator package that I'm assuming they're gonna be probably sending when they announced with the content creators are but nonetheless pretty dope so again more merchandise so I'm hoping that they do more merch cuz you know listen I need me argue pillow let's go these are some more of the images and some stuff this is the fabled Luna figurine that they're talking about that might be coming out or might be available for purchase we'll have to wait I don't know if they got the licensing done or whatever or what-have-you but again we're just gonna have to kind of wait and see here's some more art some chibi dolls some pins listen they need to do this epic 7 Festa in the US so we can go and check this out but apparently they even had artists performing on stage singing songs listen listen we need this in the u.s. so creative smile gate us please so as we get into this guys you guys are aware that there are a total of a hundred Questers with a with ten quest in each of the ten chapters I know if there were some concerns with people ask me like you oh dear how come you're not addressing that they're kind of drawing this out over a year the reason why I didn't address it because we don't know how they're going to structure the content so the chapter one and two that we're opening up with with the new heroes and since they're gonna be drawing new connections with other heroes especially each month as the chapters unfold we don't know how exactly how much content is gonna be available but I didn't want to make a snap judgment without knowing exactly how they're gonna structure the content that's the reason why so as we look at this again we didn't have screenshots I'm sure these screenshots are going to be available in the part two of the dev notes that they released probably on patch day or patch snow day which is actually today well technically tomorrow in the morning but technically today we I will be streaming this too so if you guys want to come in and check it all out I'll be streaming it live you know every Tuesday Wednesday I'll stream for Tuesday and then Wednesday for update notes but here's a picture of the continent so I'm assuming we have chapter when it's in here we'll have access to chapter 1 2 & 2 s I'm assuming and then we'll have to see how this unfolds and what heroes this kind of brings to the fray here but this is the entire continent I don't know how they're gonna structure the reward system because as you guys know there are change they're dramatically changed in structure with like world difficulty and normal and all that other stuff but I hope the rewards are similar because they did mention us getting like two to three transmit stones per chapter clear soul that's gonna be good so as we continue through this as you guys can see there's just a bunch more screenshots this is kind of like a teaser of the connection hero to come and then they also talk about they also talk about June 13th or 12th for us if you guys a us then or in North America then we're looking at the start of episode 2 and then it's gonna lead up to the seventh epic which is episode 10 as we kind of go through this whole whole deal episode 10 is basically the last chapter back with seven and if this content pans out over the course of one Episode a year then we're kind of good to go hopefully I didn't confuse you guys when I mention the episodes for the chapters versus the episodes for the actual game so just want to kind of clear that up and then they mentioned here if you get a story book you can get a pretty background have no idea what this means I'm assuming this is probably just a rough translation thing but we'll find out more about that once we get the actual dev notes themselves these are more screenshots this is probably what they're talking about they mentioned being able to character backgrounds for your phone when you finish certain things I remember reading that in part one of the dev notes I just can't remember specifically off the top of my head what that was they also say here as the account level expands to 65 and increases the level the secret shop to 13 adds anger pincers and a mutant I'm assuming these are unity unity immunity and Raich okay rage immunity and unity and then increases the probability of appearance of high grade in high level equipment and proves the difficulty of the emergency missions so you guys know about you know catch Fantasma all the stuff or urgent missions and then the probability of appearance is greatly increased and the goblet gate trinket is a guaranteed drop climb assuming because decided guarantee and this I'm assuming that's supposed to say automaton tower which is coming on the 27th 26 for US has a hundred story floor or 100 floor tower which is held on the first of every month and it pays for items necessary for growth and legendary ornaments or I don't know ornaments that could be artifacts that could be jewelry there could be you know artifact I don't know we'll see also if the number of otamatone tower clear increases additional difficulty is plan so what that what that means is they're gonna give us enough time and a you know enough people the chance to clear this and then once we get to a point where everybody's consistently clearing or for the most part most people are consistent with clearing all 100 floors then they'll release hard difficulty right so they kind of space that for content for the future everybody will start with normal I'm I'm assuming that normal is gonna be on par with abyss difficulty up past 490 and then they'll continue to probably add abyss floors that basically never end to add you know basically some of the hardest content in the game and then the hundred floor tower is just something that we can rinse repeat and then they'll drop hard mode on us and then that a whole be a whole new batch of interestingness so as we continue to through this we're just kind of hovering over stuff that you know we're already aware of this is a showcasing some of the jewelry crafting and the ability to craft turn lower grade mats and a higher grade mats and to craft catalysts but here's where things get interesting guys so here are says in the second half of July and Beyond there be a regular season of the Knights Templar which I'm assuming is Guild Wars and then a raid lab update so we know that we're already they're already planning on unlocking the rest of raid so if they're gonna do a raid labyrinth update this might mean a new very new labyrinth new something but we're just gonna have to wait and see at the end of July now world boss okay you guys saw the screenshots of the world balls the big giant thing that I talked about in the in the dev know teaser new heroes of course because you guys know where you're never gonna stop getting those and then the pet system pet system is coming in a summer event so the pet system for convenience is gonna be something that I know a lot of people are looking forward to and if you guys weren't here for the dev notes the pets were they talked about introducing the pets so you had a pet that would basically follow you around and pick up chests and stuff while you are Auto Adventure and leveling up your hero I don't know what the structure is gonna be for these pets whether they're going to a gaseous system whether they're gonna like me you know get one like a super generic pet that everybody can get free to play or whatever and then just have premium pets that you know people can buy not necessarily that add sets or anything like that but like just different cosmetics so like let's say they gave everybody a kitty cat for like the basics but if you wanted to buy one you got different skins you can get like a tiger or a dragon or some again this is something that we're just gonna have to wait and see and see how they kind of decide to let this unfold as we go through this more we got Korins transmogrification or basically our new summertime skin that's a balonus skin and there's another one to guys that if you guys haven't seen there's like surfboard says or Baywatch says whatever you guys want to call them but says it's getting one two who look through this as ml boosts our shouts out to the people on YouTube that were commenting I said this was ml Charles cuz I didn't even realize that that's probably who that is and then on the right looks like ml Ravi now this young lady in the middle we have no idea who that is it might just be a new character and I don't know who this character is either but you know we'll just kind of have to wait and see now as we go through this you know I don't really want to spoil the story for you guys if you guys kind of want to go through this and read this kind of on your own it basically talks about what happened to the land of Cydonia and how it kind of tied in to the main continent and how everything is basically gonna get ready to happen and you know all that other jazz as we pull forward this is gonna be showcasing a little bit of the enemies they talk about how the new enemies got introduced as you guys can see like these are some higher tier marionettes style like curse mom ever gonna have to you know work around and deal with as we kind of move through the game and they're also introducing Aboriginal people so the people that you guys are seeing in these screenshots are more NPCs so kind of the background of this is they're kind of split up into three tribes now as we look through this guys they mentioned that there are a lot of fire fighting monsters so I'm assuming they're they're saying that there's a lot of fire type monsters which would make sense why Lulu cos water with AoE def break so this is I think where her utility or her value is gonna go up as special as we get into rotted earth so this is where a Lulu a Lulu cos value is gonna go up and then for those of you guys who have busy well you guys already know what the business is now I have to say that some of these stages since we weren't really able to see any of these screenshots you know via the dev notes and stuff that we have currently I'm sure that they'll probably give these to us in the part to the dev notes but some of these stage backgrounds are just absolutely gorgeous like if you look at this like look at these like it's crazy like I'm super duper excited and they also mentioned in here that they initially were how they were drawing the frames out and they were working you know with like 20 frames or something like that and then they upped it to like a Kappa like 40 to make it smoother and make the animation softer and just looking at some of these backgrounds like you could tell so I'm excited to see how these are going to roll out now the thing that kind of makes me really interested when I look at these screenshots if you look at the guy with the halberd here who does that remind you Terran or guard rights well I'd imagine if they were gonna give Terran or guard especially change it might look something like that but they said that these monsters are human soldiers wearing armor suitable or fortified cities and cannons so these are just an introduction to some of the enemies that we're gonna have to deal with in episode 2 as we get into kind of the main storyline Luca is the main heroine of episode 2 so she's gonna play a pretty major role in the development of episode 2 as things from Ford so I'd imagine that her kit is going to apply even more as content continues to progress which makes sense why we couldn't really figure out a place for her before probably because she's gonna fit really strong into the new content that's going to be dropping for tomorrow's update when we look at this they talked a little bit about the design concepts and all the art and all the work that went into it really talking about putting Lulla Lulla cut together you know as a character as we look at cowering I want you guys to kind of laugh this because this is how Google this is how Google translated this please introduce about the car world real rivets and strides so who this is is choleric this guy real rivet is a little bit and strides is actually straight now if you guys can kind of changes those words out with those characters in your mind you get some kind of follow along you guys be good to go so Cal rogue appeared in Episode two for a while and he showed a dark cross section of the goddess he is suffering from the aftermath of the mysterious wizard knowing that is like there's not much left to his life that means it's gonna die soon but all he could focus on was revenge and he feels empty we're gonna see a lot of this character rumor is that he's gonna be forced are you know for the sake of the data mines I'm curious if he's gonna be a four-star hero that they're gonna introduce in the game that you could summon or if he's gonna be a connection hero this in that something that would just up definitely gonna have to wait and see so when they talked about focusing on the design of Cal Rick they mentioned that the artist was told to kind of focus on like a dandy kind of chic style of art while still kind of darkening him a little bit and still making him kind of resonate that evil but powerful vibe and this is kind of the result that they came up with as you guys can see and I know you guys saw the clip of caliber kind of flying in and doing this thing so I know a lot of you guys are really excited about k-dog you know I know y'all started like a dog but next up is real rivets okay a little bit but she kind of came in and what they did with a little bit is they kind of wanted to create a polarity right so if you look at Lulu Kalu Luca is the result of strays destroying her world and now she's on a quest to like seek revenge and destroy strays because he destroyed everything that that she cared for but a little bit on the other hand is successful because of everything that trace has done so I think it's gonna create this polarity between the two characters and we'll be able to see the story unfold in a way that these two characters are going to have to probably clash heads and I wouldn't be surprised if at the end after unite under a common cause I imagine that epic seven or smile Gator super creative are going to introduce a new force or a new threat that these people are gonna have to team up together to actually quell aka us team up together in clubs right especially as the world bosses introduced and we start to get into guild rain and stuff like that so then they got into the design concept of lilibeth and really talked about how each of the scissors were her two blades represent different aspects of her personality right one part dark one part light and the weapons themselves that was the concept behind them so when you put them together you create that balance and that was kind of like the symbolism between that and then when you look at her and then the story of like lilibeth and how that's going to unfold on top of the story of Luca and how they're gonna clash heads and basically be kind of arch-nemesis like it's going to be very interesting to see kind of how that plays out next up they introduce kind of strays in this whole picture oddly enough so originally strays was like this paladin but he kind of you know went off I guess on the dark end and killed God and destroyed the world so I'm curious to see like since they're playing on this kind of cliche style of good guy becomes a villain and then he kind of just destroys everything I'm curious to see how he kind of fits in so they're talking about in addition he's like a troubled and frustrated soul and he's worried about his effects that he's having on the world but it seems like he's gonna continue to move forward and destroy everything anyway it's gonna be really interesting to see especially since I imagine we're gonna be able to summon for this guy someday how he's gonna tie in and after all of this struggle as we advance through the chapters of Episode two to kind of see where things are you know where things are going to evolve and how these characters are gonna develop over time and how each of them are gonna plug in to kind of set us up for episode three because the way that I imagine this is gonna happen is Lulu cos right she's like I'm getting my revenge a little bit that's like no waste Ray's gave me everything raises like I'll crushed all of you and then like I said new threat arises and then they have to really reconsider what's important is destroying the world important or banding together and still kind of saving them so I wouldn't be surprised if I seen strays kind of become this antihero over time but you know still working out for the good since he doesn't really like he has a purpose but doesn't really have a purpose if that makes sense so as we continue through this they talk a little bit more about the design concepts for strays and then they show like some screenshots of some story hopefully Arbor to build root is one of the m/l heroes getting a buff and then they show kind of a dramatic scene between I don't know who that is because it kind of looks like silk but that I know that's a over there on the right but I have no idea who this character is maybe that's a new hero that's gonna be kind of playing into the story maybe that a Katis has a sister I don't know from the looks of it this is blood so this looks like something crazy happen here so I'm assuming this is gonna be part of the story they're really kind of jump in and feel immersed because I know that they mentioned in dev notes part one that they're really trying to make adventure mode and adventure right and they said that the tagline was to play the anime so I wouldn't be surprised if they're gonna focus more on the story heavy concepts while you're still playing and I hope they structure it more like Episode one where you had those sick anime cutscenes to kind of like fill in the story and that that you could watch to kind of tie everything in and kind of segue into everything else instead of just a bunch of all over the place that didn't really kind of mesh until you got to the last chapter of episode 1 so like I said I'm super excited to see how this is gonna play out I'm sure we're gonna be talking about this for days and as we bring this kind of thing to the end of this we're gonna kind of get into the QA this QA as we look at this these are kind of a rough translation so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go through each of these questions if I have to reference the reddit post I will if some of these are kind of rough again to make sure you guys pay attention to these because normally the normally these q and A's are really really important because they highlight what's gonna happen in the future after these major updates are in place the first question is I want to know about you and the engine so what was your intention to directs Q animation so they said since I took the premium 2d RPG is my model at the time development of focused on animation but there was no 2d engine showing the desired performance so I created my own engine which made the cutscenes with high compression rate and recall rate and remove the loading right so they wanted to create like the seamless experience to really help paint the vision of what they were trying to create so they said do you have plans to sell it for seven official goodies they says I do not have a clear plan for winter sale but I am planning to make X okay yeah so I'm assuming what will translate that Damone Kim translator here so what they're saying is they want to make merch that has high of quality as the characters in the game so it's gonna take some time alright so we can expect that they said one more real-time arena be held so what they're kind of saying is it's probably gonna happen this year so for those you guys are wondering like yo real-time arena or for those guys who are unfamiliar with real-time arena for my some of those more players you guys are familiar with this but for those you guys didn't play summers war I've never played a gassy game with real-time Arena how this works is let's say you want to fight and then I want to fight so what we'll do was woke you up right and let's say we're the same rank let's say we're both in bronze we'll enter it into a queue pool and then it will queue up a match and then once we hit that queue then you and me you and me we will fight now how work in summoners war is we had banned rounds so I was able to ban a hero and you were able to ban hero after we made selection and from those bans after that ban round then we had a specific amount of heroes that we had and then we will fight each other in real time now you still have the option to press play in Auto if you want to Auto your opponent but this is like you're playing real time and there was like once you select a skill you're you know you're particularly hero go lion attack who you wanted to attack and then there's a time bar right so you only have a limited amount of time to select your moves it was it was a really really cool system so if they're planning to do this this year I'm I'm really impressed if they get that out this year but even if not I say the earliest or latest I'd expect this is probably next year because I know this year they got a lot of stuff going on up until December but this is gonna be kind of one of those waiting wait and see type deals so another question of what is the gender of aether who is your dad officially gender is a man but his father is not defined so it's crowd Charles man I mean it's just what it is man I mean let's be honest all right so both of these are really rough translations on this question but the question is why not add features like auto repeating battle and ten consecutive summon so on this one it says Auto repeating bad on auto chest open will replace this function by developing a pet system as we mentioned at the time one event 10 consecutive summons we are seriously considering nowadays but on the actual page it says where P battles mentioned in Taiwan event is going to introduce the pet system open the box or supports a repetitive content source if akan tense it was our idea that the the 10 times summon would not be intrinsic but they said we were considered seriously considering it these days they have removed the tag or they feel it is necessary to repeat the process when summoning but they said they will consider it if it's necessary so I got nothing on this one guys I don't know if they're in favor of repeat battle because like if you think about it if they add the pet and you're actually able to pick up the chest then repeat battle could be a thing for adventure I don't know how that's going to work that's going probably open if they do decided to repeat battle with pets though I just I'm gonna let you guys know ahead of time that's gonna open up some serious cash elements because I'd imagine that they'll probably z' there they will probably be a way to get a generic pet but the other pets like the cool-looking ones are definitely gonna be super premium heads up ahead of time so that way you guys aren't surprised if it does happen see what happens you guys asked for a repeat battle that happens so they said when we add achievements it will be added with this update from the questionnaire I would like to add content after Nick seed fourth-floor I'm assuming Mixy Mixy so with this update that answers the question that someone's for the fourth floor Nick seed labyrinth it will be after the raid labyrinth update ok cool so the next one is when will the big monster be brought up soon in the world boss they said you might have seen it in the artwork you are preparing internally determined to be world boss and envisioning a big scale battle for many heroes it will be able to show it again next this year so they talked a little bit about this actually coming July late July earlier in this actual video so late July is probably when we can expect that but if he gets pushed back he gets pushed back but and they said what do you think about daily reset content has already mentioned monthly content is added instead of daily content now finally below they said as a summary of the questionnaire responses from SM Entertainment they had a mobile business division mobile business to team here we go this is the real stuff this is the real stuff so episode 1 the only thing you can get when you want adventure as a catalyst it seems like you need to make an item in subjugation but this option is too random to get options do you have any idea to reorganize the structure it's in the future the adventure turns into a story and the rewards are a one-time play rewards by trust and so on there was a part of the sympathy about sub sub point us I'm so I'm switching I'm switching all right I'm switching all right so we can get in the episode 1 adventures catalyst in the hunt we're hard to get equipment with good options so you don't want to revenge this it's in the future you will get one time play only rewards by trusting storyline a sympathize with hunt so I'm thinking about content and that can get unique equipment so the next question was ml summit is a big thing do you have any plans for reorganization and will ml also get a balance patch they said that we agree that it hard to get the ml hero that you want but it's hard due to the fairness of those who have already summoned so balance patch updated on the 27th will also include ml heroes listen guys if you have an ml hero okay this guy arbiter Villard but if you have an ml hero either strong or otherwise aka my crimson arm in people aka my well people aka any ml that you know is Opie I would really sit down and just brace yourself because I don't know to respect for this balance patch I I wouldn't be surprised that they maybe lower the stun rate for ml or Aminta or they lowered the combat readiness increase surveillances and/or they lower the amount of damage that crimson Arman reduces I don't know what to say yet I'm just gonna be waiting for the 27th or the 26th so that Wednesday when this past is gonna happen but I want you guys to be aware that for my new people out there super creative smile gate yo they're not no Punk business okay no Punk hitch base like if they need a nerf a hero they will nerf a hero real quick they've done it a couple of times but no waves given all right so guys I want to give you all head up just be open-minded they don't really nerf heroes into the ground to where they're useless and they just kind of lesson the utilities so they're not just broken ridiculous Opie so you guys know the consistent heroes that you guys see in champ and legend from my channel people out there from a legend people out there you guys already know what you see all the time so you guys can probably expect a major balance and or you'll probably see heroes that offset those okay especially since we're getting so many news so the next question is about arena meta fixation issue I know you guys are really curious about this I said we're we are seriously aware of this problem and the case at the end the pic rate had reached 65 percent and this was Wendy Ann was Begley you still see her here and there but like she she's still kind of consistent I just don't think as consistent as she was before now with all the other heroes you know they said we as so we for DN they added a hero with that much performance to solve the situation so they added like Charles and they added all kind of strippers and people and you know basically units to offset that and then they also considering a similar approach this time and this is what I talked about guys in previous videos where you look you know crimson Armand and summoners war they had and heroes that applied this harmful effect called oblivion and that oblivion actually blocked passives so I wouldn't be surprised if we saw something like that there was also this character josephine this water paladin and summoners war that if you landed like a stone or a sleep on or any kind of CC effects you will automatically cleanse herself and get another turn that's the instant counter for balances then and for mor minta so i'm curious to see what they plan to do like i said it could be a combination of balancing basically adjusting multipliers adjusting you know chances to land and then it also could be a collection of new heroes that are coming into the game to kind of shift the meta a little bit now the next question is if the animation quality of new characters improves do you plan to do old ones too and the answer was that's one of the things we consider low priority it is hard because the resources are limited right so I mean it's just kind of one of those things cuz they're gonna be continually adding new heroes and new heroes and new heroes and you guys know a power creep is going to happen certain heroes are gonna phase in phase out you know it's just kind of what it is but beautiful thing about that there was a lot of the three star heroes I'm assuming this is what this this questioner was referring to is these three star heroes are probably gonna get specialty changes anyway so it doesn't really matter question is there an inventory expansion playing arena replay function and the equate in the case of equipment we will move the charm to others and arena replay feature is working to add it with the real-time arena once real-time arena drops and they said this year but again if it gets pushed back to next year I won't be surprised I mean that's very ambitious especially with the amount of content and unless they already had planned ahead of time and they're already working it out so now quite the next question is is there an expansion plan for animation webtoons etc so basically anime and he'd say we need to talk with our group companies if concrete direction is proposed through discussion we would be able to disclose it at that time it's not off the table it's just something that might or might not happen I'm assuming it probably happen but it'll be much much later as the company brand I'd imagine goes up so are you planning a global meeting here we go so in February April and May update Korea accounts for 15% of our sales in the United States accounts for 40% 40% we are whaling in u.s. so we are willing to hold the meeting with use celebration of the first anniversary of global launch in November however requires the needs of global users the meeting in Taiwan was also possible because of their enthusiastic demand basically the amount of money that they spend that's cool I wonder where they're gonna host it and if they do host that I will absolutely be there but yeah so there were some other miscellaneous questions stuff that doesn't really pertain to us overall outside of that guys this is like the Deaf Q&A and these are some of the screen shots that we didn't get the opportunity to see globally yet so if you guys definitely want to check this out again I will post this make sure you guys are using Chrome or because chrome is able to translate the stuff for you because all of this is actually in Korean and this is like the Google Translate version and then I'll also post a link to the reddit post so you guys can go through this as well and you guys can see this since especially since we use some of that okay again chest up to the reddit guy who took care of it I'm super duper excited unready there will be passionate again I'll be streaming tonight Tuesday all the way up until whenever patch nose drops will do a live coverage before my workload goes through the roof with all the characters and stuff come out so anyway guys with that being said thank you guys so much for tuning in as always it's your boy – Mon and if you guys any questions comments cuz there's definitely let me know in the comment box below and we will see you guys in the next video peace

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