Pets & Preen

Many of us who love gardens, also love
sharing them with our pets. H,i I’m Chris Holliday. Enjoying a weed-free garden is
easy with Preen weed preventers. But what about the pets who share the garden with
us? Here’s what you need to know about Preen and outdoor pets. Preen is a weed
preventer. It doesn’t kill weeds, it stops them from growing before they start, by
preventing weed seeds from sprouting. When you sprinkle preen granules in the
garden and water them in, Preen creates an invisible weed preventing barrier
below the surface of the soil that prevents seeds from sprouting. Preen
works on seeds. Used as directed on the label, it doesn’t affect established
plants. With pets in the picture, it’s best to water in and activate your
application right away. Keep pets and people out of the garden bed until it
dries, typically a half-hour or so. You want the Preen granules to stay
where you put them, not get tracked about on paws and shoes. As you can see, it
takes very little preen to do the job. After the active ingredient is released
and bonded into the soil, what’s left on top are these little granules made of
corn cob and recycled paper. Like the active ingredient in Preen they will
biodegrade into soil elements. Pets walking in the garden will not undermine
your Preen application. If a paw or foot makes a small indent in the weed barrier
it will quickly reestablish itself. If your dog is a digger you may need to fix
things up from time to time. If your dog, or you for that matter,
digs a big hole in the bed, you need to fill in the hole, and then add more mulch
and Preen in that area. Remember that digging in the garden soil
unearths buried dormant weed seeds. Once on the surface, they’re exposed to
the sunlight they need to sprout. If your outdoor pets happen to be koi, then you
do need to take care. Preen should not be introduced to aquatic ecosystems. And that’s it . It’s easy for you and your pets to enjoy a weed free garden with
Preen. As with any garden product, it’s important to read the product label and
follow instructions. You can find Preen labels and lots more easy-care gardening
information on While you’re there sign up for Preen’s email Garden
& Landscape Tips for timely updates and ideas on gardening and outdoor
living. For Preen, I’m Chris Holliday. Happy gardening.

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