Pets Plus Us | Not Your Ordinary Business Meeting

hi pack just wanted to get together for a weekly bark as you know it's an exciting time for us all here at pets plus us the response to pets plus us has been amazing to build on the excitement does anyone have any ideas as to how we can spread the word about pets plus us and our crusade to champion pet owner happiness hey guys sorry I'm late what are we talking about we're talking about getting the word out on pets plus s we have this great offering including community membership for insurance coverage options and also blue ribbon benefits well great I'm just in time what are your ideas well it's pretty obvious that we're good at what we do we have air miles that's huge nobody else in the industry offers them and our members get free access to the pet health phone and the pet poison hotline sounds good to me keep up the good work team that's a great start but I know there's more what else sets us apart well you know another thing that the other guys don't have is a CEO a Karen empathy officer who can help us out when we lose our friends I think that's something all of our members will be able to benefit from yeah I'm pretty lucky I get to go on the road as an ambassador and get to meet all sorts of other dogs and cats and spread the pets process news right and don't forget about our clinic lunch and learns em all right guys great work our members are really going to love us now let's get out there and show the world what we're all about wait guys sorry I'm late but don't forget to tell everyone we're on facebook twitter and the interwebs let's party cocktail or each no Harleys hey I wonder what I missed it work today I shouldn't have called in sick you

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