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It’s always good to hear about companies who are willing to bend the rules to do some good in the world and this following story looks at one airline who did just that. After string of massive wild fires hit Fort McMuray Canada and threatening the lives of the residences over than 80,000 people were forced to evacuate, many of whom who went to the local airport and took to the air and in effort to put as much distance as possible between them and the oncoming threat. In order to make the evacuation process easier Canadain Airliners West Jet Canadian North Airlines agreed to bend their own rules and do something no other airline has really done before, and that is to let people fly with their pets in the cabin. Normally pets such as cats and dogs who are traveling by plane are kept in the cargo hold however since the evacuation occurred so suddenly the owners did not have time gather the crates usually used when flying an animal. So both airlines decided it would be more humain to allow the animals to fly with their owners. The airline even went so far as fostering a cat named meow meow after her pregnant owner went into labour. So if you ever wanted what it would look like were pets and owners to travel together. Well, there you go! And even though this was an exception to the rule, We here at Pet Central are very glad to see a company do so much good in a time of need.

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