Pets on Set: Take home a furry friend for the holidays

For today’s Pets on Set segment — we feature this kitten. Also joining us — Marielle Terbio of the Hawaiian Humane Society. Volunteer with us! -Got a new year’s resolution to volunteer and give back to your community? – The Hawaiian Humane Society has many opportunities for anyone ages 8 and older. -You can volunteer at the shelter by walking dogs, socializing cats, assisting in the offices and much more. -We also have opportunities so you can volunteer in your neighborhood or your own home. You can care for cats at petcos around the island or join our foster care team. -Volunteers outnumber staff 10 to 1 and help run the shelter’s day to day operations. We rely so much on our volunteers. -Learn more about our many programs on the as seen on section of 8/8/13: humane society service cuts 11/30/13: HUMANE SOCIETY ADOPTIONS 1/3/13: humane society volunteers

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