Pets on Set: Meet the dog McDuff

Ben says, "Hello everyone – we have pets on set with us here on Sunrise. Mike Emery from the Washington County Animal Shelter… And we've got one of the coolest dogs, I think one of the most calm dogs that we've ever had on this segment." Mike says, "Yeah, he's pretty laid back and stoic. That's the word I'm liking. This is McDuff. He's about two years old – a Besinge-Jack Russel mix. Um, he's the oldest dog in the shelter right now – oldest by being there the longest. Um, he came into us in late April. Uh, he is, he's just so cool. A little shy at first, but once he opens up, his, he's got a really cool, playful personality. Uh, he is really social with the other dogs. He's house-broken. He's just a cool dude." Ben says, "He's got everything working for him." Mike says, "yeah." Ben says, "So he would be good with other dogs too it sounds like?" Mike says, "Oh yeah, he has no problems. And if he's up front behind the desk with me and hears the other dogs barking he's like, he is itching to get back there and play with them. It's crazy. That's when his personality comes out." Ben says, "really." Mike says, "yeah." Ben says, "So that sounds like a really good, a really good mix because you don't want a dog who's too overactive. You want somebody who's going to be kind of laid back like McDuff here." Mike says, "And he's house-broken, which is huge. I'm loving that part." Ben says, "That's right. So tell us too about really the need to send some of those cats to those forever homes too." Mike says, "yeah – our cat population — we're busting at the seams with cats so through the end of August, we're running a free cat adoption. Um, if it purrs and it's got four legs or even if it's got three legs, you know, hey, you can take them home for free. But this little guy is free with the Iams sponsorship so and you can't beat that." Ben says, "That's right, of course. This is McDuff of course he is looking for a forever home. One of the coolest dogs we've had here on Sunrise and of course he can be yours. Just stop by the Washington County Animal Shelter. Mike, thanks for being with us." Mike says, "Thank you." Ben says,

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