Pets on set: Meet Buddy

A tough chapter in his life — now looking for that loving home to brighten things up. The Hawaiian Humane Society’s Christina Kam’s here with a new friend Buddy! Buddy’s Story. July’s Microchip Madness. How it works. How it helps. Info. Buddy is an adult dog so he won’t fit on the table, but he has been looking for a home for almost a month. We rescued him in March, after he was left tied to a tree at a beach park. A heavy chain was embedded into his neck. We’ll be talking about Microchip Madness on the segment, which is our annual event happening all of July. Microchip Madness ” All of July, we’ve partnered up with vet clinics around Oahu to offer pet microchips for $10. ” Clinics from Hawaii Kai to Waianae are participating in our Microchip Madness event to help more lost animals find their way home. ” Microchips are one of the best ways to ensure if your pet gets lost that they’re reunited with you. ” Microchips used for pet identification are about the size of a grain of rice and are injected under the skin. They’re great because unlike collars and tags, a pet can’t lose their microchip. ” A microchip helps reunite owners and pets by containing a unique number that is connected to owner’s contact information. ” You can see a list of all participating clinics at HawaiianHumane.o rg. ” You can see a list of all participating clinics at HawaiianHumane.o rg. 7-1-15 HUMANE SOCIETY MICROCHIPS VO Your top morning headlines, after the break. You’re watching KITV 4 MORNING News. We’ll be right back.

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