Pets on Set: Free sterilization for male dogs

For today’s Pets on Set segment — we feature Also joining us — Marielle Terbio — of the Hawaiian Humane Society. Hawaiian Humane Society is teaming up with the nonprofit Animal Balance to offer free Zeuterin sterilizations for MALE DOGS. When- March 7th and 8 Time- Appointments at 8 am and 9:30 am Where- Windward Community College Annex in Kaneohe What A very limited number of appointments are available for this safe, FDA-approved permanent solution Unlike surgical sterilization, this process does not require anesthesia and dogs will still have testosterone but at a reduced level. It is delivered through an injection to the testis, as an alternative to surgical castration. administered by licensed veterinarians who are being trained in zinc neutering the non-surgical method of sterilizing of male dogs The procedure is Free! Microchip will be included. While the procedure only takes a few minutes, this is a training opportunity for licensed veterinarians so they can practice the totally safe non-surgical procedure called Zeuterin. book an appointment visit the as seen on section of lei or cha — please make sure you pull at least 1 min of file of dogs 12/29/14: new year’s pet plan 9/18/14: dog foster families 1/1/14: dog danger from fireworks You’re watching KITV 4

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