Pets of the Week – Rosie and Baldwin

all right folks last a dog rescue has gone to the cats I mean they've always ticketed cats but Kimberly Wallace is here the new cat coordinator for last day dog rescue brought in a couple of little kitties who are looking for a forever home I know and you want one fast this is Rosie yep and who do you have Baldwin tell us about them Baldwin and Rosie are about 11 weeks old they are very feisty and ready to play and they are just having a grand old time being kittens they are so cute and I decided we decided to burrito Rosie here cuz she just wanted to travel and so kind of like a newborn baby she's in a little burrito and they just need a lot of loving and you need foster parents yes being a foster parent is the best thing you can ever do for any cat in need or dog in need they need all kinds of love and attention and then you can give or give them away to the best home that you can possibly give them and you have played a role in that it's great what do you need in a foster parent what kind of set up you know do they provide the food we provide all the food we provide all the medical care we provide litter in this case any kind of toys things of that nature just need a room or space and time and love do you need people who are at home most of the day no you don't have to be home and most of the day we try to train especially kitties to be by themselves for eight hours or more a day some things like that so if someone's interested in volunteering to become a foster parent for last year Dog Rescue where do they go they go to our website who is a dog dog rescue org and they click on volunteer and there's a foster application there she just wanted to say hello she's like you're talking and you're like I'm in a burrito it feels odd but ya said to last a dog rescue for more information thank you so much tymberlee for coming on and thank you for watching TV 20 Detroit have a great Wednesday

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