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or dirge hongwal my pets the learning outcomes for this video are to recognize characters for pets and animals ask of someone has pets ask how many pets on his and say what pets and how many pizza it's the first one meow meow so originally a lot of the characters for animals came from pictures so as you can see you can imagine that that bird is sitting on the stick and this is the bird here and maybe it's be corrupted or something so as we go through try and think of ways that you can remember how to say these animals and remember to recognize the characters for example war you're each young Jewish Omar just sure God God here we have an animal radical a lot of the characters for animals have this radical in it and it can give us a clue that it's an animal for example lung sure hole and we also have a couple more that will be used in this presentation that had the animal reticle in them I remember this goal because it has a hole in it and often your dog might run up to you and then lick you all over with its tongue so it's using its mouth it also sounds like goal so that's where the sound comes from to war your each goal Joshua Joshua towards it towards it so I always imagine this one is like the rabbit's face with its we mouth and maybe a lopsided ear and maybe it's even wearing glasses so come up with some ways that you can imagine how to recognize this character imagine the picture well you're eager towards a just a shimmer just sure MA so over on the left here you can see we've got our animal radical we've also got a grass radical in a field or in achill so maybe you can imagine a group of cats walking through the grass or frolicking in the grass and maybe one of them is eating grass because it's feeling a little bit sick so just come up with some some picture ideas that you can remember these characters or y'all eat your mom just Shermer just sure young young so you can see we've got our horns at the top here and this is the word for goat or sheep there are specific words if you want to if you want to distinguish whether it's goat or sheep but generally we can call both of these a young boy your liam sure yeah Josh Ashima Joshua Neil Neil so maybe this cow has gotten into a fashion that's lost one of its horns well you're eager Neil I always think of it a little bit with the sound what sound does a cow make no it's just a silly way to remember just a chinois just your jaw as you can see we've also got the animal radical in it and maybe you can imagine that the pig is lying down and the piglets are feeding or your eat your jaw Josh Ashima sure sure you you so what I've got down here is the original Oracle bone script of the fish so originally this was a picture that looked like this and eventually over time it's become this so maybe if you can think of links between these two pictures it might help you to remember that this is you for example what you'll eat shall you dushashana sure sure sure you probably don't have one of these as your pets but you might want to talk about it one day so what's interesting in this one is that it has an NC critical so why would a snake have an NC critical so I think maybe because of the shape of it because it's long and skinny it looks a little bit like a worm so maybe it came from then at worms and insect and so here are some other ones that have NC critical yeah sure and dear boy your ETL sure so here we're gonna look back quickly at what we talked about with family saying how many something we have for example I have three older sisters how do we say that war y'all some good yep and my family has six people war yeah yo leo Cole Rin so what I've highlighted here are the measure words now when we talk about pit this specific measure words we want to use I have one cat war yo e sure MA so this Jew is a meter word for most animals and I have to fish or y'all Lea tell you so this TR is a measure word for long skinny things like fish and snakes so these are the two major words that we use for most animals asking do you have something we know that question already when we talked about family Neos something man can you ask questions about these in URLs New York Alma New York towards uma new Yotam Wilma Hangul is the word for Pitts New York sure MA and asking how many how many something do you have new yo G June or New York GTO so asking how many rabbits new yo G sure towards it asking how many snakes New York GTL sure saying that I have them so what's the word i wor have young so if you have a dog you can say war y'all got on how about if you have a cat do you know how to say that one if you don't have a pitch remember the word for don't have is mayor warm a yacht gone or what male sure saying I have so many of these pits for example if you had two rabbits war Yeol Leung juror towards it don't forget the special word for the number two Liam or I have three snakes maybe you might have pit snakes twice mix boy y'all son shell sure so follow up log onto Quizlet and test yourself it's really important to also speak these words out loud so you can practice your pronunciation at times write down any questions you have about the video that you're not so sure about so we can discuss them together and make sure that you completed the worksheet this is important so you've got something to take away from this video that can help you to remember the words that we've learned today sheesh yet don't you

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