14 thoughts on “Pets in Hot Cars — Retro PSA

  1. STOP HOT CAR DEATHS: I put reminders in Zipfizz tubes so that kids/elderly/pets are not forgotten in hot cars, then I give them away. Need as many empty Zipfizz tubes (and the holders that they come in) as I can find. Please send to PO Box 851943, Richardson, TX 75085 Thanks so much!

  2. Yeaah please ….all who owns a animal!!!! DO NOT LET THEM STAY IN A WARM CAR!!! !!!
    Think about if you were that person inside that warm car…hmmmmmmmmm…

  3. I remember this commercial. Still going on today. Frustrating that people are so careless and in too much of a rush to slow down for even a minute to think of their animals.

  4. lets lock the owner in a hot car  and go to wall mart for an hour  don't they have any sense I will call animal control if I see this  the go  find the  person

  5. I work in an upscale local grocery store. Last year I forwarded one of your messages to my store manager. Maybe this year I should send it to the corporate president. I think making sure that shoppers get this message is the most vital, as that is where this usually happens, store parking lots. It breaks my heart to think about this happening. "But I cracked the window."

  6. Regarding the Vancouver British Columbia dog walker, death of 6 dogs,    don't believe that this woman ever took a dog to the park. i think she was just an old Vancouver druggy who found an easy way to make pocket change for her habit. She only had a dog to put clients at ease with her. she was not in a washroom which any intelligent human would have done before going to the park, which she never did. I pray someone with a conscience comes forward to expose this woman and her murderous ways. Slap on the wrist and a fine? What would parents expect if this was done at a daycare. Murder is murder , this is not manslaughter as she shows no remorse and is uncaring. All she cares about is not getting caught. She abused animals and charged their loving family. What a thief. She should go to prison to stop others who commit fraud as well with those who can not speak themselves. Then she adds another lie saying she has family issues. We all have issues but we do not go out and harm animals. Throw her into prison and loose  the key.

  7. So sad 🙁 When I was visiting family in Texas we saw a dog locked in a car! It was over 100 degrees out. We called local authorities immediately and the dog was rescued- thank God he was okay!!!!

  8. It's horrible every year I hear about some poor pet or child being left in a car during the hot weather. =(

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