Pet's Haven Animal Shelter – Seven News 4 June 2008

it's on death row she drives to mildura each week rescuing condemned pets hoping to give them a second chance Trish berg has always been an animal lover well baby but now she's an animal rescuer saving these mildura dogs and cats from being destroyed pitiful creatures their plan was here on the road but this one has been saved the border town has struggled to rein in their massive problem of abandoned and stray pets over 800 dogs and cats were put down in the last year but these lucky ones are getting a second chance mildura City Council call her a saint she helps us out we help her out and the community gets back some animals that probably wouldn't go back the mobile Noah's Ark heads up once a week it's a 12 hour round trip from would end to mildura today there are 30 animals on board for the city nine year old mother of two it's an exhausting day emotionally and financially today's petrol bill was three hundred dollars alone Trish and her team of volunteers do not receive any grants or funding relying on donations to cover vet bills food and retraining with around 20 animals currently living at her parents pet shop in would end she wants to build her own shelter and clear

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  1. Thankyou!
    No sorry but we are located down in victoria a fair way away from sydney but would love the help if you do visit down here someday!

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