Pets – Harley

welcome to aquatic paradise for you and your fish come first how can I help you uh yeah I’d like to make it return please we don’t accept returns anymore okay what do you mean you don’t accept returns anymore bro you buy something from this fine establishment don’t like it and choose to bring it back we won’t find you okay well I guy but like bought it last night I assure you our policy has not changed since last night dude look at this thing seriously yeah okay look I I have my receipt that means anything to you oh oh damaged goods get damaged goods that fish is the epitome of damaged goods shut up Oh nuclear and Mithun heard let me go home why don’t get one every starty can tell what for a no come on I’m not gonna flush him still a living breathing creature I don’t know about that but uh huh all right let’s see this little bastards in return the 13 14 15 times this year mmm why don’t we make it 60 you want cash back store credit a clerk in space here on cash back to store credit no no sorry sorry I think I’m gonna keep him what ya mean I’m Holly thank you uh have a nice day what one Oh ah

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