PETS ! Elsa and Anna toddlers at school – spelling – Barbie is the teacher

okay you're not the bell just rung it's time to start school okay Anya else yeah good morning we're here Elena where she I think she's absent today Benjamin yup I'm always here I never get sick Yeah right you are not a robot yes I am a robot see I am a robot Benjamin bought ya funny thank you thank you don't you see you always learn something new with me I'm glad you start the day off with a little fun but now it's time to go back to school okay next we have Mulan me Hannah oh excuse me oh sorry I said hello in Chinese by my mistake oh that's okay that was interesting okay um Tiana right here sharingan Daniel we're here Aurora rapunzel Moana Jasmine are all here I can see that I'll check that on my list okay you're ready to start so today is not a normal day it's a storm coming nope actually it's a great surprise that everybody will love so everybody turn around because a surprise we'll be right there we're not looking we can't wait perfect I'm gonna turn it around so I can see what it says the class is gonna love you okay now everybody can turn their heads around and look what is so what do you see is this class pet oh is it a ferret yeah right maybe it's a word nope who said bunny me me me you are right we now have three little rabbit hey how do you like the surprise thank you no problem everybody can contact them if you want Jimmy hold them can can we play with them of course they're your class pets yeah I want to get a bunny looking through the heart and there's also some paw prints here then they must climb up here to get into their cage what should we name you how about we get a lizard step or a gecko or even better yet snake I want that not a rabbit stop it Benjamin that is rude the bunnies are cute and I think I'm gonna name this one hmm gross but for shirt I'm gonna call you Rosie well in that case Rosie meet Rufus Rufus huh name him Rufus I wanted to name a lizard that but I guess never rabbits so name it Rufus at least oh well actually yeah actually I like that name yes yes okay she'll be my best buddy kitty Rufus Rufus come back Hey it's coming to me oh I think he likes me yeah she's nice I don't think rabbits are that badge I think there are very pretty cool animals yep they are see Benjamin other animals can be cute too look at Rosie she puts the go up on me but we still don't have a name for this cube buh buh nyet yes yeah I have a great name how about lucky yeah I like Rocky alright everyone I know you're enjoying and having fun the rabbit's but unfortunately the fun is over oh but can we play with them later today or tomorrow yeah of course maybe even at lunch today but now it's time to start practicing spelling okay let's put them back look rocky is hopping inside Rufus is going to yep they know where their house is okay Rosie I know you're tired and you like me but you have to go in come on Rosie well guess up the carry-back ego goes I guess she just wants to sleep today all right let's close it up put it back here can you turn the cage this way so we can see that yeah sure yeah good idea okay we'll leave it like this all right go to your lockers and get your notebook pencil whatever you need all right get me writing things out at 3:00 time today I'm gonna draw one of the bunny's extra paper pencils in here just need racers I could use an eraser okay and now zip it up here's my cool case right back to class get my backpack here's some paper and I can use my spelling book and I have a pencil in here here are my extra pages zip it up grab my stuff are you ready yep whoa you put your pencil in a cool way yep that's how I like it let's go okay it looks like everybody's ready so the way this will work I'm gonna say a word and you guys have to spell it all right ready for the first one yeah yeah okay the first word is turn easy I know how to do it Shh Benjamin this is quiet time to you if you know how to do it just write it oh I hope that's right onions writing huh oh yeah the rabbits are doing just fine Hey rabbits no one said anything about rabbits do you even know what we're doing we're talking about bunnies right no honey how we're spelling can't you see on yeah you have to pay attention okay so what's the word turn and try your best to spell it so is the word bunny is that what it was on you're sorry I can't tell you then the next word is coming quick all right and the second word is going to be sauce this is a tricky one so try your best oh we're going on to the next word okay I need you to return quickly okay see oh why okay turn turn I'm running out of time running out of time by the way it's also key the third word is going to be flower the second word was easy SOS spell sauce and now the next word is flower hmm okay so I got sauce down in the next sword oh look at the bunnies they're so cute the bunnies might be preparing to sleep I can see rocky the fourth word is Rose Alanya stop staring at the bunnies we're all ready on the fourth word hurry up wait we are that was so fast I know how to spell that because Rose is one of our class bunnies I have to skip flower how you need to write rose and I think it's W next alright okay it's everybody ready for the last word yes um not really did you say something on you wait is the word something is that what you said no I didn't say the word is something I was asking you is something wrong something's wrong with the bunny Anya what's going on you're a little bit distracted I just said is something wrong I mean do you need help with something because I can help you pay attention pay attention Arnie ha we're doing spelling oh sorry I was just cleaning up the bunnies so cute Anya stop staring at the bunnies I know they're cute but right now we're doing writing okay down to the last last word the last word is chair chair that's such an easy word because I'm the king of words I know how to spell even harder ones so why are you not a king of well if you remember I'm king of bugs I'm also king of Matthew that and I'm also king of yeah yeah we got it Benjamin just write the word down oh yes I already did it how do you spell that I'm pretty sure it was all right pencils now please I can't drop it I'm not finished whatever you did you did it's okay yeah new please give me just five more minutes please well Ani I'm gonna check them all and if he does something wrong I'll just talk to you okay it's just practice anyway it's not a test it's a right – everything will be okay Anja Oh baby Anja oh look at her wine I already finished first and lots of time to spare I was just waiting for fun Benjamin I'm not a baby this is not nice she's right Benjamin anyways here's my paper thank you okay I have all the practice spelling papers over there I will check them and meanwhile you can get a book and read for 20 minutes I know I didn't do so well so I might as well just get cheered up by looking at the bunnies Anja we're supposed to be reading yeah yeah I know I'm just gonna go look at the bunny super quickly okay but you better be fast mmm what book should I read today hmm this one how are the fish rocky and Rosie doing heat are you eating carrots are you drinking water are you just playing it's like it oh you're so cute I wish you can't to output just trying to pick them from here but apparently I cannot so this'll be okay if I just open it up yeah what are you doing Anya can you come here please well yeah I was King her spelling and I saw that you missed some words and you didn't really spell them back correctly Anya would you say something to me you are looking at the bunnies you need to pay more attention on you Oh what oh sorry I know it's exciting to have new pets but I still expect everyone to do the same they're just part of our class they're just so cute I can't help it I won't give you a bad rate this time but I want to see you more focus next time okay Anya okay I'll try my best I promise okay and you left the door open and you better close it before the rabbits go out yep I'll do it what you second it could be anywhere by now did anyone see any rabbits you know our class pets huh what do you mean they're not in the cage no see what are you doing here you're supposed to be in the cage I'm sorry but I made a mistake we need to find the other bunnies yes listen to our Nia look around the classroom to find them nope nothing under this chair maybe in the locker there you are Rufus you are camouflaged with this grey pencil cases almost conceive let's go Missa Nathalie I found Rufus good job Tiana and this is the second bunny to be found because Rosie is not there what where'd she go oh you're right rosie was there but now he's gone where could she have gotten I'm not sure I'm looking for Rosie now maybe she's in here that's kind of silly how could she get in there go this way Rosie I found her I'm gonna put you in the cage to make sure you don't get out any more okay go eat some carrots wait Rufus he needs to go in yeah got you okay now we can close the door thanks tuna I looked everywhere and I just can't find Rocky what's this it's not a wolf it's just a rabbit Oh me I'm not scared of a rabbit it's just um oh I'm scared banjee scaredy banjee scary who's been here it's coming it's coming Benjamin I think it just wants its cage it's not Ben this time I won't forget to close the door and so what's next at class really Benjamin what you're scared right no I wasn't scared you're trying to switch the subject right well I was just a little bit scared but I just wanted to make a show for you so I can run away Yeah right sure I don't know why I was scared but whatever I don't know it just kind of took me by surprise I thought it was like a mouse or something and I just jumped sorry everyone again but I caused this and sorry to you Benjamin huh scared you well this class is quite an adventure anyways it's time for lunch everyone for more videos go to our channel and subscribe

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