Pets Dates Yay or Nay And All about Female Pet Adoptions with Tarini Sawant

hello everyone welcome back to selfless deeds with Kate key today VI your actual string production or you shout out to audio/video engineer that's the notes any you can listen to my podcast on Apple Google Spotify I had stitches and radio public and all the major platforms so today we have our guest that's Donny yeah hi guys so guys um I'm sure most of the people who know me very well they are aware about Donny she's a very good friend of mine and I'm glad and I'm really happy and this is going to be one of the special episode of selfless deeds because you know I wanted her to be a part of it and today finally she's here thank you so much for coming here theory me so today's topic is going to be about taking your dog out on a date and we are going to explore some do's and don'ts as well none of the none other than tyranny salmon so tyranny thank you so much for joining me here today this is really we are to speak to you like this because you know obviously you have been friends for so long so it's kind of you so much to be a platform to finally speak about my favorite topic pets and animal lovers great so tiny obviously people like I said you know a lot of viewers who knows us personally as well and they know that we have been friends since a very long time but for our viewers and audience who are not aware about you would you please allow us so hi guys Anthony and I'm a cabin crew currently also been a longtime friend with Kate key how many trials yeah approximately three but it feels like yeah the monthly is much more stronger than that and also I'm more into craft craft and DIY so in my spare time you'll always find me in crochet any artwork and yeah painting and otherwise I will be flying and my I'm inclined and engrossed into is rescuing rescuing strays so yes as you mentioned that rescuing strays I know it very well that you have been doing this since a very long time now and but then I want to know tyranny when did you start your journey like you know it's been how many years that you have been doing this rescuing animals taking care of animals so I'm not inspired you okay to answer question Kiki I can say that rescuing is just in my genes okay again thanks to my mother who from a very tender age from I was a very little girl she introduced me to stray cats and dogs and she used to basically rescue them where she used to ignore them provide them medication so from that tender age I am aware of the rescuing process and how to take care of an infant on kitten or puppy and how to give them right medication for their illness like most of the time I observe Kate key I wouldn't blame it on the parents because of course you're protective they normally say that REO don't go close don't touch the puppy otherwise the mom will lash out on you stay away it's an eye chilling dirty and all of that acceptable everything is acceptable but Katie don't you feel at the same time they're inflicting that negative thought in the mind of the tender brain that oh you know negative Tori exactly hygiene everything is fine there are measures you can take to maintain your high cheap but then you know you are supposed to introduce your child to pets to stray dogs because that's how from that it will develop affection right so that is my thanks to my mother who we didn't do like that and rather introduced me do to her today I'm able to rescue cats kittens with illness and be it infant and that she would take a better care of them provide them right medic that's that's really nice I mean you know people should look forward to you know introducing that maybe the are kids to the dogs and cats as well and yes I did meet aunty I mean I did meet aunty you remember when we had got to be and we were attending Bedford and were there you know your mom was there and she was so glad and she was so happy and she was like there are so many dogs and she was so excited about everything I mean she is amazing amazing so you shout out to tyranny is mom auntie you're amazing and you're the best please keep doing this amazing deeds that you always keep doing so yeah that's that's something that I really adore about your mom so like I said that today's topic is going to be all about you know taking your dogs out on a date so we go on a date with our friends like I go on a date so we go on a date you know you go out on a date with your friends you go out on a date with your family members and your boyfriends and your girlfriends and your wife and husbands but how about going out on a date with your dogs and with your cats with your animals have you ever thought about it that is an amazing idea exactly yeah I wonder how many of them actually think about just think about it absolutely in fact when it when I thought about this topic I was like none other than pani Salman can talk about taking dogs out on a date because this girl she is an amazing person when it comes to taking you know dogs out on a walk so tiny please share some insight about taking your dogs out on day so I'm personally a very outdoor person you know I can't stay at home for this you know that past all the coffee cups so yes it's very essential to take your dog your pet dog wherever on a date outside besides to monitor on his daily walk they tend to they also tend to get bored layers we have friends family everyone to go out but they cannot simply just tell you key okay mom I'm going out the dog in the neighbor and I'll see you around after twelve right please don't wait for me for dinner so you can do diet do you are a few other parent so you are supposed to do take them along with them and so luckily my dog she loves active oh okay and she has been trained to sit on activist since she was a puppy and Wow yeah you see a huge shout out to Trixie Trixie you're an amazing dog and she is so well trained Kate key that unless and until you don't finally come to your destination and put your bike on sites and she wouldn't step down from activist oh that's a very sweet quality and she doesn't like car she likes open air open air so that's why I don't prefer our true taking her true caps on all those I prefer on my activist okay my idea of ideal date would be to take to fix he loves water so to go to take a ride to beach there without cribbing I can let her roll at the side tall the sign in her hair I didn't go into waters flasher basically wanna spoil your baby yeah I wanted to get dirty as much as she wants after that once she go she's done with her bathing alone then liam8 on a sand with our little basket of her special meal my food and then we have a nice my state evening that sounds so soothing I really need to go out on a date with my dog as well I mean seriously but attorney you know it's a good thing that you should take your dog out on a date but then don't you think that few of the families all you know few people they do not know what to do do you would you like to share some do's and don'ts about taking a dog out on a date absolutely so some dogs or you mean about in the car but yeah I mean you know you come across you know you just go on the way and you come across some car which has dog sitting inside and they have this one puppy face and they look outside the window that we also cost of all week please do something you know those situations what do you think about that Katie lately I have come across so many situations like this and in our country its I'll get sued if I just break the glass and take the dog out right so I have to restrain myself control myself because it's very wrong it and it's very sad a simple question to all those people who lock up their dogs in the car and hang out or go for coffee or anywhere and park your car low your dog is locked inside he is screaming his lungs out please take me along with you or at least just don't leave me alone in the car would you do that to your own baby would you leave your own child it's as simple as that think of that Papa did a pet as her own baby you are his parent and o dogs I'm not sure about cats but dogs tend to get claustrophobic very quickly they do not like close limbs those cabins and on top of that you are leaving your dog inside in you are going out so all the more reason for the dog to get hyper and then the dog is barking and screaming and then when you come with your order you sit in the car and you shout at the door for what for no fault of his and what you can do is I don't take your dog out if you have some takeaway you pick up and take your dog along with you tell the guy that this is your order and so please just fetch it for me if it's not a dog friendly if it's not dog friendly restore it and pick y'all take your dog back as simple as that a few Oh if you are going to take longer duration then choose a place where your pet would be accepted along with you okay so that pet friendly exactly then spend 3-4 hours over there even your dog would be chilling it very much better for the dog but please guys don't leave your dog locked inside a car it heats up they start to get hyper and you start barking energy generates due to which the body starts giving warm on top of that it's a closed car so again it's tough it gets heated inside I don't know the space gate key but there is this place I don't remember the name they have a made a loop rule it's a legal rule in case you see your dog logged in a car and what you can and if you see that a dog is in distress okay then you have legal authority to break the windshield and rescue the dog we should get such low and I know yes I mean this is amazing so what people do there if they are keeping the a air conditioner on and if the dog is kept inside then they put a note on a window that all the dog is comfortable and safe like that but it's again don't leave your pet inside alone so what do you think what a pet owner should do what our precaution they must think while taking the pad out ensure that oh you're going to apply pet friendly place if you are taking your pet along with you because you are going to sit there and have a good time right your pet deserves it to take your pet sit there as long as you want your pet will enjoy too otherwise if you're going to be outside then you choose an open door place oh outdoor place and take someone along with you who would watch your pet on your behalf so at least or your pet won't be alone locked up inside the car and someone some after some of the other person will be there your friend or anyone to keep the company to the dog right also tiny this is really sad but then yes this happens I've seen people who have Indy breed you know stray dogs as they are pet they usually don't prefer taking them out they feel ashamed but they would prefer taking a breed you know for example if I have a golden retriever if I have a lab they would love to take a lab or a golden retriever or maybe a husky out on a day but they would shy to take their Indy puppy or an Indy dog you know stray dog out on a date so do you think that this discrimination shouldn't happen absolutely all it's a very sad thing Kiki that on in the dogs also you are discriminating between the breeds of course on yes four legs your breed golden retrievers and small eggs both our dogs would speak the same language understand each other just because he is not from upper-class and lasting I seriously don't understand you know oh I have a lab and then poor families they have an Indy oh oh he's a stray dog okay and you know the stray dog has much more better immunity system than a breed dog both have both are dolls they have four legs they speak same language so you don't really need to discriminate at both we'll give you equal amount of love correct both of them you you can easily be a friend with a stray or stray dog who is not even your pet unless you do something that instigates the dog yeah so and then I see these people get key who come in places like Mumbai we're human and too much of heat they come to the places with the Huskies and all and it's like oh my god blue eyes and wow he looks Wow husky fat come on then they're not meant for exactly please forget about please Erin meant for this country exactly you know the the skin gets so affected we then to catch a skin cancer okay and to take care of such talks what we do what normal people do is trim off the of four so for your convenience and for you to make your dog exist in your choice of climate and whether you are trimming his for exactly but if if so much is so much you want the Husky and why don't you really relocate to some knowledge if to Alaska yeah have as many Huskies as you all just shift move along for the sake of usual true I mean even if you want to have an immuno those breeds who require 24 by seven air conditioning or cannot survive in a humid place they can definitely have the same breed but on a cold in a colder regions actually it's not wrong I think is wrong about having that read by all means have it but then ensure that you are relocating in a suitable environment for the pet I don't make a pet relocate as per your choice of environment and again Indy breeds are so flexible Kate II they have they're so low maintenance they are equally affectionate and recently I have heard that are in debriefs have been used as or army dogs in the in the north recently I read this article where they my normally we used German shepherds and no labs so they have all introduced indeed dogs where you are training the dogs now and also what they observed is um an Indy dog if you train our normal stray breeds they have equal intelligence as that of a German ship and you do the same task same activities and they are much more stronger and flexible that's a good information acting so that way and now they are being introduced in the army they are just using rather than buying Germans and importing Germans they are just using the normal stray dogs available for army purpose oh how cool is that I mean they are so flexible the community is strong low maintenance equal amount of love same amount of love that stray dog is going to give you which your lab a German Shepherd would give you so my point is there's nothing wrong in keeping lab or German Shepherd of course it's wrong keeping husky and Bernards but then just don't discriminate guys I mean both are dogs if you really or if you really have so much of love for a dog then discrimination is the last not even last you would never do that race of pets yeah that that's a good thought that's a good thought right there so uh Trixie I want to talk about Trixie because you mentioned that you have a talk and obviously I know I just cut it up guys I just cut it up but yes for our viewers for and for our audience and podcast listeners Trixie is being adopted people so I would want you to share some insight what was your journey and how did you get Trixie her breed and how did you adopt them okay so I wanted I always wanted a dog and what I had in my mind is no way I'm going to purchase a dog I'm not going to I would rather adopt a dog and spend honest medicals and good food good quality food good vaccinations I don't mind spending over there but spending and buying a dog that's completely unethical for me so I was just so to Google for dog adoptions if any of be any families want to give the dog away and I came across this this ad this girl had posted an ad for Trixie and she wanted the dog to get adopted and I was surprised to see that it was it's a cocker spaniel it's Ibaka spaniel and later I discovered that cocker spaniel puppy is what 20,000 I guess I'm not sure but yeah so I asked her and I asked her that it's a good cocker spaniel breed then wow you are just giving it like that because normally people do celebrate dogs so she told me a very sensitive line kid key and it really touched my heart she was like you know honestly I don't want to give my dog away and I'm in such a state that I don't have a choice and regarding the selling thing she's my baby she's my child of course you wouldn't sell your child but I am stuck up in a very bad situation and I don't want my dog to suffer because of my situation right so if tomorrow I am looking for a place where she can be really really happy relieved out of trouble and that's the reason I have put up for adoption I just need a very responsible family and a good place and I don't want to sell her because she's my child and she's always going to be my child so the next day I went to her place we met Trixie and then she introduced us to her habits whatever she likes everything so then this very same day we got her back we got her to power to our place and we did know surprisingly what this girl had told me that I tried keeping her at my friend's place and my friend called me late night saying that oh please come and take your dog she is not ready to I just anxious screaming crying howling and she's just not ready to listen she's getting very hyper please come in tinker so that just for one night she kept her with a friend and that didn't work out so she warned us about it see if she is going to be a trouble the first night maybe she won't let you sleep she crying because it's a new place I guess she would be exactly so that's a very good thing she informed us about it but when we got to God Trixie we were well aware and prepared that okay if this happens tonight just Oh we'll take her out for a walk go and just keep cuddling and comforting or just take her to a park and she'll be fine maybe two three days that will or a week but we were prepared for it as much as it take as much as long as it takes we were ready for it but then Kate key or twig see when she came she saw house we took her to the garden immediately everything and by the night she was sound sleep like a baby and it was it was such a sweet feeling you know that this girl told us that she wouldn't touch chairs and then we felt really good that oh ok so beaver able to give her that comfortable it just in one day we were able to give her that comfort and that's affectionate love so much of affection that she didn't miss her owners and oil and within two to three days or she forgot her owners she was so like like she belonged to us she forgot her owners and then she was roaming everywhere very comfortable not even one skate key she bugged or she howled not even once it was like on we were it felt like we are the first people who are adopted of mm-hmm so now it's like our baby yes it's mine – yes yes that is that's really nice I mean obviously I know the story but then thank you so much for sharing your story with people because most of the time I heard people saying oh you just had talked you just buy you know those breeds and on but then they don't know the story behind adoption you know adopting that particular breed or what exactly happened about this Katy lot of people have this conception in their mind they don't prefer adopting female dogs correct in any breed be dog cat or anyone they don't prefer adopting females because of monthly hormonal discharge that's the issue and then again are you I don't have to get her spayed operated what I device they have down or hominid discharge but then on this is very wrong guys but they know Kate your Twitter Trixie is still not operated and she has a hormonal your discharge every time but it's not an issue for us it's like oh we take care of home whatever she needs that time were good food good care it doesn't affect at all and Kiki our bets are or naturally it's an instinctive in them they are naturally trained to know what that period is when they start getting their hominid discharged they are already aware at what this is and they are aware of the measures to be taking so you literally don't have to do any kind they just may be in a corner and yes no corner all they lick themselves but they will maintain themselves their hygiene development in cleanliness themselves you just have to little bit bear with it and you know just make a fuss and hygiene issues they are well they are hygienic they can they are already trained to deal with these issues but and female dogs are really affectionate Kiki you're very sweet very affectionate after all they have that motherly instinct in them and as soon as they start growing females they are they treat you like they would treat them Abid so productive and it they leave you right so I would say that please don't do that female and me don't go for me a dog because when I rescue cats people him and then I knows them and grew properly gift a meal everything so they become this cute healthy chubby cats so people when they want to adopt they come and they ask me he madam on female HIA we need a male cat milk at a cow keepers so the dog female issue we never had problem with okay everything is also doing fine they have they are already trained by nature to take care of that issue so it's not really a concern it's just we have it in our mind psychological oh now this is going to have been oh how is it gonna how can how is she cannot deal everything all of that so we have hyped it it's not the necessity to hype it okay now speaking about hygiene issue most of the people they also tie down they change their dogs in a corner in the house so do you think that that should be practiced tying your dog during those days not at all I am imagine therefore yes again I'll related to a human you females and richer we have more it since gauges correct the girls are not allowed to enter kitchen absolutely do not touch pickle do not enter kitchen this I don't know these rules whatever the discussion will likely stay in a different room not entering any holy place at all so that's what they are implementing on dogs is well they think that she will dirty the whole house that's where it might as well just keep a locked in the corner so please understand guys during this particular period of ha Manila discharge just away a human female would go through mood swings irritation need for more care and affection upsetting getting annoyed the female dog is going through the same and eighty I wasn't aware of this but then I notice it in Trixie one time and she was on her period so that time I noticed it didn't hurt and then it struck me oh wow they are also just like you [Applause] obviously they would require pampering and they cannot speak to you guys so obviously you need to be much more vigilant what exactly and cater to cater to their needs as well so just obvious we want chocolates good food and good rest during that period the same the dog is going to expect from his or her – the chocolate though – but they are going to expect the same and so you're not supposed to you know boycott the dog during that period it's the idea of its song the idea only of it sounds so or disturbing in human in you mean exactly if if if you'd even think of doing that then trust me you don't deserve to keep a pet you are salty exactly you're supposed to give a more attention coddle her give her proper rest a proper bed to relax not just oh law tie her up on a floor also about the tying factor Kate came most of the people have that oh they don't have the leash they have that collar on which they tied a dog and then the dog tries to move around or if someone comes or the dog wants attention he will try to run towards the person it hits the vocal cord and it it really hits the vocal cord and eventually with that tied around when they try to bar smash him buddy same as that so that also really hampers – oh c'mon the DAO voice may become later on graph or there's even a possibility of losing boil you find informational caller and because talk will obviously not just stay at one place you can try to run around bark with that collar around so do you think that they should keep some space like maybe a two-finger space yeah keep it loose keep it loose keep it really loose otherwise I will I'm definitely such as tied it or harness the harness with a leash because that will hold our all body together so just the neck wouldn't get affect yeah because they tend to pull you while you are walking yes and you know when and they obviously are stronger than humans and they tend to pull us along with them yeah so if you just tug it I guess they're going to get injured yeah inside so I guess the harness the entire body harness is much more effective yes and you get a good control of your dog exactly might as well pull him bit of old bodied and just fooling us Nick so that's kind of funny – mm-hmm so yes that's an amazing information that we have shared we have spoken about so much and yes you have spoken about a lot of you have given us so many insights and you've given us so many do's and don'ts about taking dogs out on a date as well so that has been an amazing conversation Thank You Donnie I mean obviously it's talking to you like this is a little yes I'm sure once you get out of this studio we are going to definitely laugh our guts out yes and as usual I yeah so yes yeah she's the guest in today oh no huh so this is going to continue again and I would like to say thank you so much guys for watching this podcast and thank you so much guys for listening to this podcast as well like I always say please share like and subscribe to my channel on YouTube and you can listen to the podcast too you can listen to this podcast on Apple podcast podcast Spotify I had stitchers and radio public yes thank you so much and ideas from selfless deeds with Kate key

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