Pets Are Earth Angels

– In honor of National
Pet Day, which is today, I wanted to take a moment
and just talk about pets from a spirit's point of view. I often hear in readings about animals or our pets that are like earth angels. They're unconditional
love that are packaged in this little pet body,
and they're sent here to help comfort, support,
and guide us along our path. These little earth angels usually agree to come in on assignment
as our spirit guides during an important chapter in our lives. The three recurring messages that I hear all the time from the spirits about our pet's purpose
in our lives are these. Number one, they're here to
help keep our hearts open, to sending and receiving love, despite the chaos or challenging times that we might be going through. It's really easy for us to open
up, and let our guard down, and connect with this unconditional love because it's unassuming,
it's not threatening, and it's a really great
way to just remind us at the end of the day what matters, and that is the love we give and receive. The second message I always hear is that pets are great at
absorbing or sponging up negative energy that
maybe we're holding on to, whether we're aware of it or not. It's really easy for an animal to sponge that up and then shake it off, because they don't have any emotional tie to whatever that energy is coming from, so it's just matter of fact. If you've ever noticed your
pets lying at your feet, or sitting in your lap, or especially when they're
sleeping with us at night, just consider that a sign
that they're usually helping to clear and ground our energy. And then the third thing
I hear all the time is that pets, a lot like young children, they see and sense spirit
energy all the time. And if you've ever noticed your pets kind of looking around the
room tracking something, or they're sitting and barking
at a corner in your house, or they're really clingy to your side, it's usually because they're
picking up on a spirit energy. And so, why do they pick up on it? Like young kids, they don't have a mind that's talking them out of it and telling them they're
crazy and doubting it. It's just, again, matter of fact. I just wanted to point all that out, because the pets in our
lives are really special, they really are like angels, and just be sure on this National Pet Day to give your pet a little extra TLC, and thank that soul for
agreeing to incarnate, show up, and be at your side as another
earth angel in your life. As always, wishing you
brightest blessing and all love.

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