make sure to subscribe and of course bring that Bell turn those notifications eyes you don't miss my next video here for when it's Kristin and welcome back to my channel I hope you guys are having an awesome day so for today's video guys this I am so freaking excited for we're doing an update and a little bit of a sneaky peek of a few things that are gonna be coming to adopt me so as you guys know I am still pretty new with adopt me but this is definitely gonna freaking draw me into the game more so it does look like we are gonna be getting pets again do you guys are looking at a picture of things that are gonna be added to the adopt me mat so the first thing here is the pet shop how freaking adorable so I am assuming this is going to be where we can go to purchase our pets and possibly even like accessories and stuff like that like how freaking cute would a little dog bed a bunch of the toys and mean even like a dog bed outside so over here on the other side it looks like we are getting a nursery so a dog nursery a dog daycare something like that and you guys these homes are really cute I think the pet shop over here is probably at my favorite so this is where I found all of the information so I highly recommend that you guys go over and follow be pink underscore RBX so they are the Builder and creator creative director of adopt me so they said that new adopt me nursery and pet shop coming soon and you can see that everybody oh my gosh wait this is another picture alright so um yeah it looks like everybody is really really excited for this and if we go back over there is a bunch of other information so this says this has been in the works for almost a year now we hope you guys like it coming soon too and adopt me near you so this is actually um can we make this bigger all right so this is just a picture of his character holding a dog like how freaking cute is that and what is up here I don't know oh my gosh you can see the dog up in the background it went a little bit fuzzy but let me make this smaller maybe we can see it a little bit better but you can see there is a dog up in the back with a top hat a spectacle and I don't know what this is I don't know if that's already in game but this is such a cute dog so um gonna show you guys a couple more things because it does look like we are getting more than just this one here even though this one right here in particular is actually really cute so I do want to see what everybody is saying sometimes if you scroll through you can see like some extra pictures yes I'm curious what these are yes okay so this does look new I kind of like it's an eggs not sure what that is I wasn't sure if it was already on the Mac just because I'm I don't play it that often but you can see they kind of pinned oh that little dog with a hot and a spectacle as well and I don't know if let me just see if maybe anybody replied beef Inc has not replied to that an egg giver don't know maybe the egg thing is where you get a surprise in the puppy is the mayor all right you guys so there is more things to check out with this so if we scroll up again it says pets are coming soon to adopt me so if we click on this one here it says a red panda like and reply with a number one and reply with a number two so these look like two more pets that we are oh my gosh you guys it's an egg with a yolk so possibly are we gonna be getting like chickens or something I'm not exactly sure what that means and um can we play this one more time if we make it better yeah they say which is better so you can see we are getting not only that big fluffy dog but it looks like we are gonna be getting this little cute panda a red panda and then a square puppy dog so cute I love the white ears and a square little dog like a freaking pixel dog then falls off the brand okay so that says pets are coming soon as well and I'm not seeing any any extra pictures yeah see everybody's really excited and I believe there is one more yes so this is say hello to snowball and Rex adopt me pets coming soon once again so let's go in make this a little bit bigger so you can see if some of the accessories so this looks like we are gonna be able to get pet bunk beds so there's a bunk bed with a slide and where is this just a bunk bed and the dogs can actually lay on the furniture so Rex is over in the back ground dog and then we have the white oh wait it's snowball a cat oh my gosh there's whiskers and a pink nose I think we are getting getting kittens I think we are getting cats as well so we do have this like bone ship mat some food some water and I'm not exactly sure what this is here so you guys I am so freaking excited so over-the-moon for pets to come in game so it looks like it is not only dogs we are also gonna be getting cats pixelated dogs along with raccoon so maybe that means there aren't gonna be other things I mean we did see a bunch of eggs through Oh as well so let me know down in the comments if this is a game update you guys are excited for again which pet is your favorite that you have seen in all of this early access or I guess it's not early access just kind of sneak peak information so make sure that you guys do subscribe so you do not miss out on daily roblox videos here on my channel and of course turn those notifications on so you guys don't miss a video and give today's video of very big thumbs up it always lets me know you guys did enjoy and hopefully I'm gonna see you all next time bye


  1. I think the pets on meep city are kinda boring but with the adopt mepets ( spoilers )

    They have needs and u get to take care of them before they hatch and if u buy the royal egg u have a 7% chance of getting a legendary pet but it costs 995 dollars which i can totally afford cuz i saved up 5,500 bucks fir this update and also they are going to have pet furniture and u can also train ur pets !!!! ~ no hate to meep city ~

  2. I have some eggs to im gona talk white some ppl to give me eggs maybe they will not know MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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