Pets and Hot Cars

welcome back well we’ve done so many stories about children being left in hot cars but this morning we’re focusing on the weather and your pet we’ve actually talked about this before and it was shocking to me how quickly an animal can overheat absolutely it HSUS has put out a number that your car can reach 99 degrees in 10 minutes in 80 degree weather and we have hundred degree weather so it is going to be dangerously hot in most vehicles within a matter of minutes and our dogs wear fur coats all the time and they run hotter than we do a hundred to one hundred and two point five normally so how quickly can it be catastrophic with depending on the weather within 10 or 15 minutes it can be dangerous to the point of your your dogs like being at risk well and we even saw our just a few weeks ago that pig that was in a hot car you know this is more common than we think it is really common people think well I’m just running in for a second it’s not that big a deal it really is that big a deal it’s it’s dangerous it is deadly and it’s illegal you can’t do it you can’t leave your your animal in a hot vehicle locked up you know what are the laws and regulations well recently Florida did pass a law that allows you to break the window to get into an animal that it or a child that is an imminent danger as long as you have made sure that the vehicle is not open and that you call the police immediately before or after you do it and of course that you stay with them until the first responders arrive so I don’t recommend it but certainly if you have a dog who’s in distress having heat stroke then you are within your rights to do that and protect it from liability okay now that we’ve hit on that a little bit I want to hit on this guy that this she’s absolutely gorgeous tell me a little bit about her so this is petunia what we’re calling her petunia we really don’t know what her name is she came to us from the emergency room this weekend she had been found hit by a car and taken to the ER and then brought to us after that she has been hit by a car she broke a back leg but not badly and she has some road rash on her foot here but obviously the most glaring thing is she’s missing her eyes and she had them recently surgically removed probably within the last two to four weeks so if anyone knows his dog out there we need to find her home again yeah so more than likely we’re assuming petunia not her name necessarily has a home yes and that’s why we’re thinking something just happened and that someone at home may actually know this dog especially the key features she has no eyes very recent week so we’re hoping to find her hoping to find her owner and just be sure to call Clay County Animal Services if you know this dog or if you know of someone who owns this dog please she is such a sweet angel well that definitely hits on a lot of different topics so one don’t leave your animals in a hot car absolutely I need to do it just don’t do it and two if you recognize petunia here definitely reach out to us we hope that we can bring a reunited family that’s that’s our goal that’s our goal to get her back to her home because obviously she’s loved and taken care of yeah reunite a family and save some animals lives that’s what we’re always trying to do here right thank you doctor brought her so I always Vic sending it back to you

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