Petrainer PET852 i PET853 obroża przeciwko szczekaniu i wyciu

we’re friends today I went to the Institute is two different and hit bar color for you okay let’s see inside the diplom front is to is this one is you Department adjusted sensitivity and this used for the doubters to just a sensitivity but us but a you to Sam Messer to task Everett go to word growl okay here we go and the accountant is one color has lie patterning English menu another probe that’s why can you see this ho you can flow to air into is every trigger this step I go to work okay let me show you we set a battery into it will send our beam that means that if I is wow it perfect now let us test it I float the air into it yeah the first time nothing happened to second eyes ok when I throw the air intuitive innocence and it will the beer view last so men so second is long and the lecture Sevilla stimulation is work okay here we go five six you see that the power is stronger and stronger and after the seven time flow in the air the live will go in fraction immense that this divine we go into stem by state hero for our one minutes it will prevent our the tools to touch so many electric shock if you put out your talk okay

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