Petporte smart flap® Microchip Cat Flap

If like most responsible owners
you’ve had your cat microchipped Your pet can enjoy the outside for fresh air and exercise But avoid uninvited cats enjoying your home comforts Available in white or brown finish The Microchip Petporte smart flap® is
the most advanced access system available No need for a collar because it’s
unlocked by your cat’s microchip To give your pet complete freedom And it’s so easy to fit But before installation, it’s important that you
check that your cat’s microchip is compatible You can do this by entering your cat’s
microchip chip number into our ‘chip checker’ at Or by calling our customer care team To start, determine the height
you need the cat flap to be By measuring from the floor to your cat’s tummy Then, mark this height on the door Take the template provided and tape this to the door Now, drill a hole in each corner And use a saw to cut along the
template lines between all four holes Remove the template and
the cut-out section of the door Next, assemble the unit following
the instructions provided And plug into the mains Pass the Petporte smart flap® over your cat
to programme in the microchip Now, it’s unique to your cat and is ready to be installed Fit to your door with the scanner on the outside Plug it in And you can set the Petporte smart flap®
to the different access modes Including Night Mode; to keep your pet indoors,
safe from road accidents and cat fights Or Vet Mode; which allows cats to come in
but prevents escape Your cat will quickly discover how it works
and what the accessibility of the lights indicate You can even activate an audible tone
to alert you when your cat comes home The Microchip Petporte smart flap® Freedom for your cat, peace of mind for you from PetSafe®

14 thoughts on “Petporte smart flap® Microchip Cat Flap

  1. This cat flap is designed to keep unwanted cats out. We dont have a problem with that but have a mix of indoor and outdoor cats and want the chip sensing porch on the inside, to prevent the indoor cat getting out. However the electronics side does not look weather proof and therefore not suitable for fitting the flap in reverse. HOWEVER I did manage to disassemble the connector with the wires to the solenoids reversing both pairs. From left to right the wires have gone from blue white red black to black red white blue leaving the outer green and black in place.
    The flaps now works perfectly selecting which cats can go outside. Probably not a common requirement but in were.wandering.

  2. How long does it take to scan the chip and open the lock? My cat has a bully following it inside. If she is running will it slow her down much?

  3. I like the idea of this apart from the wire going from the flap to a power point , over time with a door opening and closing the wire will break.

  4. Sounds really good don't they. I purchased one exactly the same as this one. After one year the red and green release buttons both became faulty. All good so far, they sent a replacement under warranty. Then the replacement did the same thing. When I contacted Pet Smart Porte Flap manufacturers they basically said bad luck no warranty on the replacement item. I would recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing one of these to seriously consider a different brand not this Petsafe one. There is a manufacturing problem with these release buttons and until this problem is fixed you will be throwing away good money.

  5. Входная дверь из картонки толщиной в сантиметр! Safety на высоте!
    Нормальный уличный кошак пройдёт в дом, даже не заметив что там была дверь 🙂

  6. I replaced one in march 2019 with the same model that worked well for a good number of years and after 3 calls to helpdesk managed to install it properly; but after 1 month the system ceased up and the chip wasn't read. Previously, working out why that old one did not work anymore (probably the transformer in the mains turned obsolete), we had it confirmed at the vet that the chip was still in its proper place. I don't think I can recommend PetSafe, but the helpdesk is friendly and they promised to ship another catflap under warranty, free of charge.

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