Petland Investigation: Pet Store Sells Puppy Mill Dogs

hi I'm Stephanie Schoen director of the stop puppy mill campaign for the Humane Society of the United States this year we've been able to rescue thousands of dogs from puppy mills horrible mass reading operations that treat dogs cruelly and don't even provide for the most basic of these the hsus has long fought against puppy mills and we continue our fight against this cruel industry we just wrapped up an 8 month investigation into pet land the nation's number one retail supporter of puppy mills in every pet land store we visited they denied they buy from puppy mills what we have covered is a different story here is just a sampling of what we found that land has a very aggressive policy about reputable breeders they are spot-check delivered by corporate staff as well as franchisees across the country this hsus investigation tracked the sale of nearly 17,000 puppies to peddlin stores across the country almost every puppy we tracked was shipped hundreds of miles from a puppy mill in the Midwest this puppy was for sale at the Pensacola Florida Petland store she was shipped more than 750 miles from where she was born ma M kennel a USDA licensed puppy mill and Lamar Missouri USDA inspectors documented numerous repeat problems at M a.m. over the last several years including an absence of vet care dogs without even the required minimum of cage space severely rusted cages with sharp protruding wires and in spite of the USDA's reports at least ten pet land stores both puppies from M a.m. we have very very high standards for every year after year USDA reports depict sick channel in Ellington Missouri as a filthy broken-down facility housing neglected dogs last year investigators found completely dry water buckets while outdoor temperatures soared into the mid 90s and an accumulation of feces that made it difficult for the dogs to maneuver the pet land stores in Indiana and Ohio both bought puppy from stick kennel we witnessed appalling condition rows of dogs living in filthy barren cages with no socialization and inadequate care operators in the country about 800 dogs live in small cages at Clearwater kennels a USDA licensed puppy mill and Cushing Minnesota USDA inspectors found repeat problems at Clearwater including failure to provide minimum space for dogs a failure to provide things and failure to provide primary enclosures that protect dogs speak from injury and during one inspection such a lack of adequate care that a dead dog and puppy were not removed in a timely manner petland stores in Michigan and Indiana bought puppies from Clearwater kennels this year but they're not like I'm happy now they're despite what pet stores say many are selling puppies or puppies please help us make sure no dog has to live her lifetime in a cage contact pet land and ask them to stop selling puppies

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  1. I Work at Petland and during our training they had a whole hour long explination of "Why our puppies aren't from mills"

    I know they do.. When we get dogs in they are scared and dont look super good. We got a Maltese in the other day that had almost no hair and I was told when I asked about her "Oh she is just stressed out from the vet check up" This dog didn't go home for a month and only got taken home because this man felt bad for it. I gave him $2000 off the dog and I havn't been put on chedule in two weeks since that.. DON'T SHOP PETLAND!

  2. This video didn't provide any evidence that Petland gets their dogs from puppy mills. The narrator says they do but that's it.

  3. i almost cried this was the saddest and most disgusting thing ever and to think i wanted to get my pet there…yeah right.

  4. Petland is horrible they get them from puppy mills! They've done investigations time and time again..yet still not shut down, why? Not enough people push for it to be shut down.. it's business. It's all about supply and demand. But until people stop buying the puppies from them, they will continue to buy them. Most haven't seen the side of puppy mills when they've been busted. Most animals end up being put down because they are so sick, etc. It's so sad. Take a look at a video from Vet Ranch with the Shih Tzu puppies that came from a puppy mill! Will really open your eyes.. And just think about it they get bunnies, ferrets, kittens all from mills too..But those are far worse. And if the dog ones are outrageous, those are even more disturbing because most people care more about dogs.. Petland has so many lawsuits against them! I know someone personally who got a dog from them before they knew better and the dog died a few weeks later after she took the dog to the vet and found out it had parvo and heartworms! They didn't reimburse her for the vet or give her, her money back..instead were like we can give you another one? Like what? The puppy she wanted just died, they treat the animals like objects. It's heartbreaking, since they are just babies of species we love to have as pets..why do you let them suffer like this?

  5. I went to petland today and had a sick puppy. was biting itself from the rash he had, didn't have a cone on his neck. they just let the dog bite herself and make herself bleed on her thighs from her own bites.

  6. Makes me downright SICK that Petland is still thriving; those poor animals stuck in cramped cages and in unclean conditions literally kills me inside. Places like Petland buying from puppy mills makes them continue their awful treatment of animals.

  7. Well everyone can think what they want to but I know for a fact that they get the puppies from the puppy mills,, its all about one thing,, the Almighty Dollar..thats all they care about, but can guarentee one thing..they'll never get another dime from me..And speakin of the dollar. I give um $40.00 a month as a contribution, but it goes to the Animal Rescue Site where I also click once every day to help feed one..I am not a gambler, but just wish had some of the millions of dollars some of the folks have won.Then I could take care of a bunch of um.No one may not believe me, but I know a dog will love ya more than they love them selves…

  8. Dogs should be free who ever works with puppy mill will get a wopin ok so no dog should be left in a cage!!!!!

  9. the only reason why puppies are abused in mills is because people keep buying dog. Just adopt. If you aren't mature enough to understand you should be adopting babies, not buying, you better get a pet rock.

  10. Well as far as I know there is no Petland in this town,, of Jonesboro, Ar.If there is one I have never found it, but the Petco is right over here close to me & they do not sell dogs & cats in the store..If they do they keep them hid back in the back someplace…I would never buy another dimes worth of anything from anyplace or anyone who sells from puppy mills…thats where my little Jill came from & shes gone now.. I still cry when I think about here..bless her little heart..she never had a chance in life..most of her life was spent in one of them filthy places were the anything but humans work & live….

  11. That's just a big fat lie or Petland would go out of buissness do to animal abuse!!!!!!?????????????????????????

  12. . ALWAYS RESCUE! dont shop, adopt! There are millions of beautiful and amazing dogs and puppies that need forever homes. (Even purebreeds) never buy from a pet store which gets their dogs from puppy millls.

    Help support amazing rescues

  13. I got my Shetland sheepdog from petland and was happy to find out that she was healthy. I hate how petland lies and says that get puppies from reputable breeders when the actually get them from puppy mills. I got my dog before I found out about puppy mills. Now I'm completely against buying dogs. Adopt don't shop!

  14. I bought a BABY guinea pig from petland thinking AWWW yes this is awesome and I walked in looked im his cage and there was adult gP pellets and I was like R u serious? ( because it was only a 5 week old pig) and he picked the guinea pig up HOrrible like he scooped it up with the house and it hit his head :c also I took him home with a scab he had a skin disease , in fact I have had him for 6 weeks I just found out about petland and today he died

    Rest his little soul

    I did everything I could he was so sick when I got them I hate these humans there so cruel

  15. I don't think they are allowed to sell them here cause we have a Petco & every Saturday they are there to adopt some of the babys out,,Please if ya want a pet & have a heart at all, don't even buy from a breeder even…theres to many out there that needs homes….just try putting yourself in their human & have a heart..

  16. One of my mother's friends took her to a local petland to see a miniature poodle. The poodle was priced at $950 and after watching this id rather adopt the four year old poodle I found on petfinder.

  17. There's a small store in sundre that sells bunnies and fish, the bunnies were two young to be away from there mom and were in a small class cage that was dirty. I couldn't take them but they inspired me to get my rabbit from the humane society but I know someone who adopted them and they died the day after. we're sure they came from rabbit breeders, that was similar to a puppy mill… It's horrible.

  18. where is faith in humanity when we need it. i had a similar pet store like is in my town but it was called pet heaven and they sold puppys… a month after it opened it got shut down and they didnt tell the public why.then it got me thinking about the puppys they were selling, i knew right from the start it couldve been them buying from puppy mills. petstores shouldnt be selling animals. they should be selling animal supplys , toys , heath care etc. this is why im scared to ever step foot in petco and petsmart and did anyone watch the petsmart invesagation video?

  19. Corporate America, willing to stoop to anything for the almighty dollar, even if it means abusing animals.

  20. I know all of u are gonna dislike this but I went to a peatland store and I fell in love with this puppy I think about it every night I go on the petland store website to make sure it's still there I'm coming back from this puppy soon

  21. This is sad. Petland Canada corporate stores only adopt out rescue dogs and cats, they dosnt sell breeder puppies and kittens. What ever the US Petland was doing has nothing to do with Petland Canada, yet they get accused of such things.

  22. Puppy mills….

    Its like they make and EFFORT to try and torture their puppies. God, i SWEAR that what its like

  23. My great-uncle bought his Chihuahua from Petland. She has never had one health problem in the 4 years that he has had her.

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