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my name is uh Nelson I'm and I'm 35 years old I'm the owner of lubis British the park and I'm outside of Lalibela I started the park in 2009 with my festivals and now nine years later we are now established creditable to manage the bog is it's really it's hard work and I have a dedicated stop Neil is my assistant older head guide the forget visited by a lot of public and school groups we try to educate people personally about all the cats a lot of the feedback that I get from guests is do I trust my lions I know they can general me anytime you don't know what's going on in music I don't know if he's not feeling well I'm not scared but I'm just emotional you can't escape going in a venomous committeth respect otherwise facility and then you think you are higher than there a bigger than love and I want to show you this box it's always someone outside the enclosure when I'm inside the enclosure feeding time this but always to outside and inside so we also always have a backup where the gates and if I'm working with animals everyone can bite everyone can attack everyone is dangerous on its own level I know it's very very close to venomous I have a very special bond and relationship with each other I have 17 South African predators and scavengers species on the farm and there's 35 animals in the box my relationship with at the animals the older fur everyone has their own way of talking to you everyone has a different personality the banded mongoose is they're very sociable so they love to give you all the intensive theory the honey badger you need to be loud because he's always busy my house is actually in the middle of the park we call it this your house currently animals living in my house is Pirie tiny badger and the cups the lion cups are singing my house so when the animals is in my house they can get up to mischief and Puri loves to go into the club closes take out all the clothes so we'll climb on top of the sofa watch me TV I do have a few scores and stories to tell but that was not of aggression so for 220 kilograms to jump on top of me you get your nose broke that's normal so but no aggression they don't know there is they be getting you are they think you're part of the pride you bought off the family and they give you cuddles and they jump you and that's normal for them so for me to raise a baby from small and I can raise him up as big animals and they still love you I do it because the passion they have and all my passion for them and the love they give me you

22 thoughts on “Petite Woman Is Best Friends With Big Cats | BEAST BUDDIES

  1. Dude it would be so cool if I had a amazing relationship with big cats ?And in my opinion I think they are the most beautiful creatures in the world

    Even tho they can be dangerous?

  2. She has a nice set up for them, she is one brave lady bringing that meat to them but you can see she is passionate about taking care of them

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