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Once upon a time, in a beautiful wood, there lived a rabbit named Peter with a blue jacket Sorry! And no pants. Come on in! We’ve got the garden Help yourself to anything Wait! Didn’t you try to eat me? Show me your teeth. Do like a goat, like, rrr. It was you! I knew it. How are you? So good to see you. Commando! Oh, yeah. Now, it’s a party. I can’t think of one thing that could possibly stop our fun. McGregor is coming! Everyone hide! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!! This is only the beginning. Ha. [car horn] Felix, blink! Blink! Headlights!

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  1. (Can't remember if I've commented on this already or not) But Domhnall Gleeson: first Winnie-the-Pooh now Peter Rabbit. You keep being in films based on stories from my childhood. Margot Robbie too now that I think about it.


  3. Sorry but james cordons voice dozent work with peter spoils it to me peter is suposed to have a younger voice.

  4. Shouldn't they be in the forest?? Oh jeez I feel like people don't have taste In Kid movies anymore first, the emojis movie, the TTG movie (which I think is a terrible cartoon) and now this. EDIT: I thought about it, and maybe this movie will have a better future, cause all the movies I listed have one thing in common, they're all for kids! But the emoji movie still has no respect from me. I mean sure you might hate seeing cartoons like TTG but let's not forget who's watching. This movie I think I'll still might hate, but happy to bring my little brother. ?

  5. It's as if The Emoji Movie wasn't enough to make us fed up with Sony Animation. Why does this thing even exist to begin with?! Poor Beatrix must be rolling in her grave so badly. I'd strongly recommend that, instead of watching garbage like this, watch The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends. It's a lot more faithful to the source material. It's a lot more serious. It's a lot more pleasing to the senses, and it's just a lot better in general.

  6. ? RIP poor Peter Rabbit, I have really enjoyed your adventures during my childhood. You’ve been a really likeable and memorable character until today. ?And now, watching our hearts feel torn from seeing what Hollywood has done to you with the no pants jokes and the animal party thingies. We will never forget, how you made all of us happy in our youths, and you will always be in our hearts until now. Goodbye my dear friend.?The company’s a monster!

  7. What the heck is this! I've heard Peter Rabbit being a Nick Jr. show also expected this to be made by Nickelodeon. Is this for real?

  8. A couple questions. First of all, why is it set in modern day? Second, why is Mr McGregor a young man? Third, why the crap-tastic modern jokes and music that clearly don't fit? Finally, and easily the most important, WHAT DOES ANY OF THIS HAVE TO DO WITH PETER ***** RABBIT???!!!!

  9. People were freaking out about the "twerk" moment at 0:39 but it's not really twerking at all? I thought the lettuce rain was more distasteful, stop putting ghetto crap in kids media. It's really unfunny.

  10. Damn this looks HORRIBLE… A 'FRAT BOY RABBIT' WTF???… looks like it missed the spirit of the legendary book series entirely!!!

  11. Looks appalling. Potter would be pretty furious if she knew what Sony has done with her characters. This is just another animation which is nothing like the books. I remember Potter saying that she wanted her animals to behave like animals. She didn't even like Wind in the Willows because of the toads antics so I highly doubt she would appreciate rubbish like this.

  12. Horible movie. You do not have or you lost imagination !!! If you do not watch it, you have not missed anything !!!

  13. Mr McGregor was in a TAXI??!! How dare they! They should put him in a horse and cart and he should not die! I never remember my favourite peaceful, cumbrian stories to have that horrid plot! They have also set it in the wrong place and it is not in the Lake District so I will not watch the film it looks bad.

  14. Yes the starter is good because you can see Windermere and it is pure Lakes but further on it just turns into something you don't expect.

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