Peter Rabbit: Movie Review

Is the Peter Rabbit movie as mild as the books? [screaming] Actually, it’s surprisingly heavy on the slapstick action. [smacks] In this modern adaptation of Beatrix Potter’s classic tale, a young bunny and his animal friends square off against the man who’s trying to sell the farm they call home. “We can’t give up! It’s our home.” Parents, this is not the charming story you
remember from your childhood. Instead, it’s packed with wild action, including scary chase scenes, attacks with weapons and traps, explosions, and even death. As for racy stuff, expect some flirting and
kissing, plus a few naughty jokes and humorous sexual references. “Look away!” The good news, if you can call it that, is
that the language is limited to mild insults like “idiot” and “stupid.” Common Sense says Peter Rabbit is OK for kids 7 and up. For more age-appropriate media picks, visit us at

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