Pet X Talks – Heidi Nevala – How And Why To Use Herbs With Your Pets

this panic stock is brought to you by pet world media group your partner in all things pet media additional funding and considerations provided by Natura pets found animals and dog wise publishing are you ready to be empowered then join us for this Pet X talk hi my name is Heidi nella I am founder and president of mature pets we manufacture organic herbs and medicinal supplements for dogs cats and horses and today I'm going to talk to you about why herbs can be vital to and added in which they should be added to your pets diet when I talked to pet parents about herbs they often confess that while they're interested in them they really don't understand how they work so I'll give you a brief introduction into some plant actions and why even just adding a single herb can benefit potentially benefit health and wellness in your dog or cat all herbs have things in common and it was one of the most important things is that they're nutritious and medicinal and you can't separate the two they're mutually supportive benefits and you can look at it as an adding a single herb you're getting two therapeutic potential benefits for your dog and cat when we look at the nutritional side all herbs have this in common they have a vitamin panel minerals essential fatty acids amino acids proteins carbohydrates antioxidants and digestive enzymes you know and much more it's just a beginning and introduction and then they're also medicinal in the sense that they actually are well documented well researched more so in traditional medical systems but they have been studied for the medicinal value that they can deliver and when we're looking at adding or maximizing nutritional value herbs are valuable and this is should be an interesting interesting point of pet parents because you can add in a lot while limiting at the same time and if especially you're using an organic herb they don't add any synthetic to your path there's no toxic integrated compounds in them their whole food based and get into some of the health benefits they may impart and some of that is that they are phytochemical or they have primary secondary plant chemicals and initially pet parents say hey wait I'm not adding that to my pets diet I'm trying to avoid toxic exposure or any kind of chemical exposure but again they're vital vital chemicals so their nutritional but they also have therapeutic studied documented uses so get right into it primary plant Campbell has an example of it that it's naturally occurring in all herbs is that it imparts some kind of benefit to the immune system and where this benefits your animal is if if they have an underperforming immune system it will go in and bolster or boost it to balance it out if they have an over stimulated immune system it can go in and nourish and soothe it again to achieve balance and why this is so important is we know that balanced immunity is the Silver Bullet for disease prevention so you could be adding just just that alone and a really important component for health and your pet herbs are also anti-inflammatory we know inflammation triggers disease their antioxidant nature and there's a lot of layered benefits to antioxidants and many types but they share that in common their nutritive we talked about that a little bit and and I really like that their tonic in nature and that they go in they tone and strengthen all of the animal body systems together so what we're really looking at in the end and when you're looking at layered health benefits and you're looking at the potential to maintain health but also to let your pet thrive we've give them the building tools like the medicinal therapeutic tools an example of an herb that I like and there are many but just today well the stucco one is maca it's an Andean root plant-based root it's from the Peruvian Highlands there's a lot that's been research on maca it's well-documented nutritional value one thing I like about it is for its effects on HP a function that sounds very technical but what it is it stimulates the hypothalamic of T Tauri and adrenal glands to the endocrine system to achieve balance and why that's so important is for one thing the glands produce hormones that feed every aspect of the body so if anything's out of balance hormonal e out of balance then disease presentation can set in and muck is very dynamic because it doesn't only address that aspect the Ender can but it goes down system by system so it'll start a tender can it affects immune health cardiovascular central nervous system digestion circulation reproductive and excretory functions so just with one plant like herbs have in common is that you can deliver with a single plant a variety of health benefits and and probably add balance insured re cats diet another thing just along the times of my along the lines of maca it's a very specialized plant so it's got a different feature it's one of the herbal elite it is adapted genic and why that's important for pet parents and for pets is an adaptogen can go into the animal body it can identify dysfunction and specifically metabolic dysfunction and why that's so important is whenever there is an interruption in the metabolic system it can interrupt nutrient assimilation so even if you're feeding a raw food a home-cooked dietary a premium holistic diet your pet may not be getting the nutrition it needs because of interruption and metabolics it will undermine immunity and set up in the potential for disease susceptibility so MUC is really good at going in as our other herbs to go in and address that nutritional deficiency okay so why like mucker or any or any other kind of you put into the diet is so important to is besides reading and repairing and restoring it doesn't tap in or stimulate the body's reserves which is really important because a dog or cat that's already beleaguered or maybe their immune system is compromised in some way can't really give up those those body reserves without the setting and further disease susceptibility so it enables balance and that's really what we're trying to achieve nutritionally and and adding an herb as well so the other thing that an herb helps address and it gives you peace of mind as a pet parent is it helps address the unknown because our pets can't communicate with us we don't know if they have undiagnosed diseases or conditions and from a nutritional and medicinal standpoint herbs can be very valuable in and maybe if not nutritionally addressing it but potentially it can offset or even delay disease we're looking to to add Langevin to our pets lives and herbs have the potential to do that as well so so just in summary there's a lot of value there are nutritious they're medicinal they've got layered plant chemicals which manifest in body as health supports some are more specialized but ultimately they all are working really hard in that animal body to enable balance so and then also just the function of herbs they're biodynamic especially if they're organic in nature so you're not going to be adding any kind of toxicity additional toxicity to pets they're already battling the elements in food water disease genetics age the toxins in our homes and outside of the house so it'll give you that extra layer of support so good news for you spike power in this industry is rich in information on how to support herbal health a lot of advocates for supporting animal wellness I invite you to look for those resources and I thank you very much for your time Heidi thank you so much for that insightful pet ex talk thank you you brought up the word adaptogen and I think a lot of people are very curious about what an adaptogen does maybe give it a little bit more depth for us sure okay so what an adaptogen is an herb that has more specialized platforms or plant actions to it and it it's really basically built to respond to stress in the body a lot of times it'll respond to metabolic stress but it it has an alternative or a reparative aspect to it an extra layer that others don't have so it isn't a like herbal elite so it is especially good at seeking out metabolic dysfunction which is related usually to starts in the glands translates into hormones and usually translated into some kind of specific disease in the body so it's got that extra component for potentially disease prevention and corrective actions in your pet one of the other things that you brought up is there is a lot of confusion for pet owners and pet parents when it comes to where do I start with herbs for those that want to start using herbs for their pets how do you recommend they start to ease into it probably would record well I'd recommend first starting with just a single well known herb like alfalfa it's well-documented people recognize it easily easy to obtain easy to add into the diet and we've covered a little bit of the benefits that we could impart from your daughter hat I would probably go step further too because I'm biased and I like multi blend herbs because they they don't only address more nutritional levels but other actions in the body better bigger comprehensive disease prevention capabilities so I would I'd start maybe with a single herb if you're comfortable and then you can consider multi blends and there's a lot of people that and a lot of resources you can go to a lot of information out there to help you determine what's the best herb or your pet honey thank you again for doing that insightful pet X talk we really appreciate you joining us and everything you're doing in the pet world thank you thank you very much thank you for joining us for this Pat X talk to learn more information about heidi nevela visit natura funding for pet xtalks is provided by pet world media group' your partner in all things pet media additional funding considerations for pedak stocks is provided by nature a pets nature a pets can help you optimize your pet's health with premium organic supplements from the Amazon and Andes Mountains visit 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  1. I want to buy your herbs for my 16 yr old toy poodle. She is in perfect health, thank God, but she does have "Nuclear Sclerosis n her eyes. I am trying to heal her eyes. I am interested in your herbs to maintain her health. I have many questions. How do we give it to our doggie? Is it a powder given daily? How much do your herbs cost? Where do we buy it?

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