Pet Water Fountain Unboxing And Review, The Petsafe Drinkwell Pagoda Fountain

hey y’all made me from my hectic life
that’s where we talk about all things pet and pet related so today we will be
checking out the drink wells stoneware pagoda fountain for cats and dogs so
let’s open it up alright so let’s open this sucker up and check out what’s
inside instructions looks like part of pump filter some sorts and comes with a
lot of lot of filtration water filtration parts I was feeling this is
gonna be fun to put together more styrofoam and face all right now I
figure out how this goes together so I got my water pump where’s all this stuff
go I guess I could read the instructions that’s crazy let’s fill it up with water and turn
this sucker on and see if I put it together right whoo okay so all in all
I’d say this looks like a pretty nice little fountain it’s got a nice strong
little water pressure I like it the best part about it is it comes with this
wonderful box hours of entertainment for your cat okay so I say all in all it’s a
pretty nice little fountain it’s pretty it’s a lot bigger than my old drinking
fountain for them so hopefully that’ll make it a lot harder for my cat penny to
knock it over hope she doesn’t knock it over so I did
get this fountain over at Petsmart and it was on clearance there normally about
a hundred bucks and I got this one for 40 so I’d say that wasn’t too bad of a
deal I don’t think that I would pay $100 for a pet fountain even as pretty as it
is 40s a lot more in my price range so that’s all for today’s video if you
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videos every week thanks for watching guys bye

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