Pet Wand PRO Dog Shower Wand | By Waterpik™

[MUSIC PLAYING] Waterpik,® the market
leader in shower heads brings you its latest innovation
for an important member of the family, your dog. Introducing the Pet Wand PRO, a
professional-grade cleaning tool that’ll change the way both
of you think about bath time. With the flip of a switch the
Pet Wand PRO is ready to use. The contoured wand design shapes
the innovative water combing spray to penetrate even
the thickest fur, quickly rinsing dirt and shampoo
that other methods miss for a faster, more
thorough clean. With the EasySelect
spray dial you can switch between spray options
and have complete control over the water pressure
in each setting, from water combing for
powerful deep cleaning down to narrow targeted spray
for gentle and soft cleaning. Or pause the flow to a trickle
when you need two free hands. The Pet Wand PRO is also
perfect for outdoor bathing. The eight foot
flexible swivel hose connects easily to your garden
hose with the outdoor adapter. Backed by a limited lifetime
warranty, Waterpik® Pet Wand PRO will allow you to
spend less time bathing and more play time with your pet. Waterpik® Pet Wand PRO. Bathe faster. Play longer.

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