Pet Valu Tacketts Mill

– Hi, everybody. It’s Sheri Foley Allen,
with Weichert Realtors, and we’re here today in
Lake Ridge at Pet Valu in Tackett’s Mill, a store that’s absolutely new to me. But as the owner of a
Sheltie and two rescue cats, it’s a big deal to know that they’re here. And we want to introduce you
to the manager, Stephanie. – Hello.
– Call her Steph. I think that’s her preferred name. And she’s going to tell us a
little bit about the store, and I did want to say up
front that it’s unique in the sense that they offer not grooming, but basically a spa area, to my right, where you can bring your
dogs in for a spa day and give them a bath
all by your little self. So probably easier than doing it at home in your kitchen sink or bathtub. But that is truly unique. I’ve been to a million pet stores, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. So that’s that kind of a cool feature, and Susan on our team loves it. She gave her dogs a spa
day, and it was a big hit. But anyway, Steph’s going to tell us a little bit about the store. Maybe tell us a little bit
about the unique service with the washing, and then we’ll talk a
little bit about food and some of the product, and
then I think, more importantly, some of the services that
they offer to the community. So okay, Steph, take it away! – So we’ve been here since 2016. We do have a self-service
dog wash, as you pointed out. It’s $10 for you to bring in your dog. We provide shampoo, towels,
aprons for you to wear so hopefully you don’t get as wet, but it’s up to your dog
completely how wet you get. We have treats for the dogs. We have blow dryers. So it’s full-service, besides,
you know, we don’t do it. I was like, “We clean up from it, but you do all the work.” As I tell people, “You
bring the dog and the dirt. I supply the rest.” – So do people try to climb into the… – Oh. – Right into the tub? – I’ve had people in the tubs. I’ve actually– I’ve had somebody bring
their cat in to wash them. – Wow, no joke! – I was like– It was the cutest thing ever. But, yeah, you’ll see all kinds, like the kids love to get
in the tubs with the dogs. I was like, “If your dog
doesn’t want to sit down,” sometimes the dog, they’re trying to jump in.
– You have to get every dog. They do! It happens, so… I was like, “Some people,” like I’ll see men in their swim trunks coming in here, because they
know they’re about to get wet. I’m like, “Do you want the apron?” “No, it’s fine.” I’m just like, “Okay.” Saturdays and Sundays are
typically our busiest, because there’s a dog
park right down the road, and people come in right
after the dog park, and so, yeah, it’s just bath after bath.
– Throw them in the tub. – Clean them up. – Oh yeah, we’ll see like 27
washes in a day, doing that. – Oh my gosh. – But people love it. – Going to quit real
estate a start a dog shop. _ I was like, “For ten dollars…” – Yeah, it’s a good deal. – Yeah. – Yeah, because if you’re hiring a groomer to come to your house, believe me, it’s probably eight or
nine times that much. So tell us a little bit about
the types of food you carry. And you carry dog and cat food, correct? – We do carry dog and cat food. We also have bird and small reptile. We have a smaller section
of that, but we do carry it. We have a lot of the name brands that most people have heard of. We carry our own brand, Performatrin, and Performatrin Ultra. We have a lot of gain-free
options in the store, because I know most people
do like the grain-free. With most of our foods, we also have a frequent-buyer program. So you buy 12 bags, your 13th is free. We keep track of everything here. We also have our loyalty program, where you earn points on purchases. – That’s a good deal. – Yeah, once you get to 200
points, you get $10 off. We keep track of your baths. So you pay for six of them,
your seventh one is free. We also carry our frozen, raw food. So we have Primal, and Instinct, and Stella & Chewy’s in that case. – So those are some of the names that I think a lot of
people would recognize. – Yes. – And so convenient in Lake Ridge. You’re right off Old Bridge Road, right at Tackett’s Mill. – Yep. – If you’re coming down Old Bridge from 95 you can pop in, pop out. It’s so easy. It’s 5 minutes from my
house, which I love. But also, you offer not just food, but it looks like toys, and
other accoutrements for pets. – [Steph] Yeah, we have
beds, clothes, toys, treats. We have our specialty cookies
that are just adorable. We have to explain to the
kids they’re not for people. They are for animals. – Pets, yeah. – But they’re like the cutest things. We have dental… – I even see that really
cute red, plaid carry case. – Oh!
– If you have a tiny dog, that would be so much fun
– Yeah. I was like–
– Cat. Put your cat in there.
– Crates, carriers. You name it, we pretty much have it here. – Tell us a little bit– I’m trying to look at my notes. Adoption, because there,
I think, when we walked in there was a little kitten I was eyeing. But you do have adoption services. – We do.
– Okay. – So, we work with a
couple different rescues. In the store, we have our cats that come from Cat and Dog Friend Rescue. You can find their website at it’s – [Sheri] Is that local here? – We have cats here. She has cats in our Lorton store. – But, Virginia. – Oh yeah.
– Okay. – Locally in Virginia. I have four kittens in
the store right now. – [Sheri] Oh gee, where are those? – They’re– – I saw one! – [Steph] They’re actually having their little play time right now. I was like, “Where are my cats?” They’re having their play time right now. Volunteers come in, twice
a day, take care of them. People are able to come in
and interact with the cats, play with them through
the gates and everything. We have a high success
rate of adoption with them. We also work with the
DC Weimaraner rescue. They’ll be here on the
13th, and set up outside so people can come and
see a couple of the dogs and love on them, which
is a fantastic thing. – Yep. – I was like, “The dogs
love it. We love it.” – Good for people. – Oh yeah. I was like, “You can
never go home mad here, because you’re always loving on dogs.” – Right.
– I’m like, “It’s the best job ever.” – I mean, everybody knows it’s healthy to have a pet at home, if you can do it. – Oh yeah. – And then, what about
some of the programs? I know that you have
some donation programs, and some benefit programs. – We do. Right now, we are collecting for the United States War Dog Association. You can come in. You can make any kind of
donation you would like. We have our small circles,
which you can donate, from $1 to $24 on. I have a big circle, which
I don’t have in front of me, that you can donate $25 and above. And I have bandanas that
you can purchase for $5. – And so that goes to dogs
that have been in war? – So that goes to the association. They use it to purchase
different thing that they need, like their vests, their
booties, their little doggles. They also help to transport them back home when their tours are done. They help cover vet costs, and prescription medicine costs for them. They’ve also established Rainbow Bridge, which covers funeral
and cremation expenses for the dogs once they’ve passed on. – Such a great service. – It is such a great thing. We also, during April, have
what we call Paw Month. So we collect money for the local rescues, and they’re each provided with a check on the money that we’ve raised. Last month, we did a litter drive. We were actually number
one in our district and number nine in our entire company. – Yay!
– Thanks to all the people in Lake Ridge that donated. I could not tell you
– [Sheri] Go Lake Ridge! – how excited we were, yes. I was like, “To be ninth in
the company was fantastic.” So thank you, everybody,
for that, that donated. We do. We have Senior Military Day. That’s the last Tuesday of every month. So if you come in, you sign up, you’re a loyalty member,
it’s saved on your card. It automatically takes it off. We also have our case discounts. So if you buy a case of food,
you get a discount on that. Even with the bags of food, it’s– you buy like, six all at once, and you get a discount on it. – And tell people out there a little bit about your
schedule, or the time. Seven days a week? – So we’re open seven days a week. Monday through Saturday,
we are open nine to nine, and Sundays, is ten to six. – Nine to nine? – Yep. – Honestly, for everybody that lives on this side of Woodbridge, in 22192, it’s so much more convenient. If you wanted to go to PetSmart, you have to– it’s not that far, but you’ve got get down Smoketown. This is so much more convenient for those of us that are here. It’s on the Lake Ridge side. It’s probably five
minutes from most of us, and it’s a local store, which we love. And obviously, Steph loves what she does. – Do you know how great it is? I get to love on them. I tell my customers, I was like, “Bringing in your animals here is like sending your kids to Grandma’s. We’re going to love on them. We’re going to give them all these treats. We encourage bad behavior, and then we send them home to you.” – It’s another family, here. – Yeah! – So, I mean, for Lake Ridge
people again, or 22192, that would be Westridge
and everybody else. But this could be your go-to local store. – Yeah. – For all of your pet needs. – Yeah, I would love that.
– Which is also cool. So stop in and say hi,
and take a look around. Adopt a pet, and sign up
for some of the programs. And if you’re going to give
your dog or cat a bath, let us know. Give us a call. We’ll come take a picture and post it. But Steph, thank you so much. – Oh, thank you. – Really, it was so great to come on in, and find out about the store. Thanks everybody! Come on over and support the store! We’ll see you next time.

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