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prepare for your “Aww” moment of the morning. Are you scared of traveling with your pets? this week Delta Airlines began offering
a GPS tracker for customers to help make the traveling
process a little bit less stressful. Joining us now with more ways to make sure your pet are safe when you travel, is Courtney Scott, Senior Editor at Travelocity. Good Morning! Good Morning. I wasn’t even in this segment, I’m just here to touch the puppies. It doesn’t get better than puppies. I know. I think a lot of people are nervous though, especially to fly with their animals.
It’s true, and rightfully so. You’re separated from your pet for quite a while, but Delta’s new technology is really helpful it allows
you to check the temperature and also the positioning up the cage and
if the temperature goes above 85 degrees an automatic alert is sent to the
customer care teams.It’s about fifty dollars to participate in the tracker but
it’s definitely a comfort. people are so scared. I would never put
my dogs under a plane. Anna and I are both dog lovers, we were just talking about this in the commercial break. is actually safe? It is safe, there are things like what Delta is doing to really help people gain that comfort level. But if you do have a smaller pet you can put him under the seat and that is always better. Of course there are some
travel tips safety tips for animals as well. The
first one you say is “Properly Identify Your Pet” obviously need the tags
you want a microchip you need the tag you also need to make
sure your current cell phone number is on that tag and if you don’t have the microchip
already you can use this app calledTile. It’s actually a virtual lost
and found it’s great for luggage and keys but also you can put it on your pet
collar and it’s also a GPS tracker that you can
track on your mobile device so you can bring dogs I think maybe
you might not know this you can bring dogs on airplanes and it’s not that expensive. You can.
There is a small fee for pets and it varies based on the airline but you can
put under the seat, is also based on how large your pet is obviously an just like
we want a nice beverage, as the cart comes by we gotta hydrate our hounds too! You’ve gotta hydrate your hounds and if you are putting them down below the plane in a crate invest in a little drip water bottle and
make sure the pet knows how to use it if it never used it before and if you’re taking a road trip and make frequent stops especially as we
head into the warm weather and summer so the new land with your dog and where
you stay I mean how many hotels accept dogs you
know not the large chains do you accept pat’s
based on how large they are and there and there are varying fees but two properties really do a great job
pampering campaign is one yeah offer them no at no extra charge
you can bring your pad and they gave you know great plus bad
and what about some things like that as well as Weston at is a small feel about fifty dollars
for the Western property to bring your pad but they give the the pets these heavenly plush beds
and what a fun extras and they really did a great job I can’t forget to we need to go visit that before we
embark on our travels that’s important just to give you that
and you know extra comfort level to know your dog or pet has a clean bill of
health and then there have been updated on all their
vaccinations and preventative care likely intake and how real that place
and anxiety medication even add to my friends travel with their
their small animal animal has a two hour and as very anxious though there are also
two things out there Thundershirt 90 pills to help calm your passion this
is you know in a lifetime a dog obsession this might be the cutest puppy
ever all you agree with a such a nice dog is a
very sound mix if you load up this popular any puppies
in seeing the show contact the North Shore Animal League America today having mill dog rescue coming with over 80 puppies and small
dogs they’re great people and the dogs are some we will this one a specially a diastolic Ca 2+
all right family walkway coming up unpacked
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governor Mike Huckabee joins

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