guys today I have two very special guests to present to you and these are my cats so I have all questions here on my phone and let’s just start with one of them I need to catch them first though let’s start with this beautiful lady right here so the first question is what is your pet’s name and this little princess is called una the second question is what kind of pet is it and what breed and she’s a cat as you might have seen and she is a bengal cat how long have you had your pet friend I’ve had her now for three years so she’s three years and four months old how did you get your pets well I actually saw an ad online in love with her instantly I just saw the photo and I was like I need to have her in my life so that’s how it happened question number 5 how old is your pet so i said my pet is three years and four months old number six what are some quirky things about your pets personality so una likes to take showers with me she does not she’s not afraid of water she also likes to look at birds out of the window and made this really weird sound as if she was imitating how the pigeons talk which is kind of weird but it’s is really funny oh and she also loves olives she loves to eat olives whenever I have olives she comes and she’s like kids please give me olives I gave it a small side and she always wants more so she loves olives is that weird does anybody else’s cat like love olives question number 7 what is your relationship with your pet mean to you um what this particular cat and she really means the world to me I said I instantly fell in love with her when I just had seen just a photo of her and she came to me from the other side of France at the time and we’ve been through a lot together it’s just the most loyal friend ever and she’s been through a lot because I’m in the past three years a lot of things have happened to me and I’ve had to move around a lot I went on exchange I didn’t have an appointment at one point so she has had to stay with other people every once in a while and she’s also taking the plane to go to Finland twice and she’s just the bravest little cat ever and something horrible also happened this summer I’m in June she fell out of the window so I name of the third floor and she fell out of the window and went missing for 10 days and I think that those were the ten most horrible days of my life and every morning and every evening I would go out very early in the morning and very late in the evening after he went dark and it was more quiet I went out and I called for her and nothing I didn’t hear anything for the first nine days and I put posters up and I asked all the neighbors and I went through all the sellers of all the neighbors and I went through um just I did everything I could think off and on the tenth day in the evening I went downstairs to call for her again and this time she answered and she was actually about a hundred meters away from our house um she had been hiding in the cellar of off of another house I went to her and I found her and it was just such a relief so yeah we’ve been through a lot together with this cat question number eight what is some of your favorite pastimes with your pet so with this kitty we like to play a lot she likes to jump on the wall like I would have her mouse or something and just dangle it against the wall and she jumps and I kind of catch her in the air and I catch her and put her in my arms and then I put her back down and then he jumps again and she already knows that she’s gonna come and land in my arms so it’s kind of funny and yeah we just like to cuddle whatever this princess wants to question number 9 what are nicknames that you call your pet so this is a girl is called una us ki baaten mu moon oon abouna um the list goes on and on so have a second cat yeah I turned answer the questions question number one why do you want to go away can you not be nice and just pulls for the cup okay look question number one what is your pet’s name this is lucky okay look at the camera look the question number two what kind of pet is it and what breed he is a little kitten is a cat and he’s just a normal cat I don’t know she doesn’t have a breed here’s just a normal little kitten question number three how long have you had your pet friend we’ve had him now for a month question number four how did you get your pets this little boy has a bit of a sad story he was actually abandoned on the street when he was still he was even younger than he is now and he was rescued by someone I don’t know Thank thanks for this person who found him and rescued him and took him to the to our local shelter he actually did we’re not supposed to get a cat when we went we just thought that we would go and look at cats and maybe you know see how it goes to adopt a new a new cat but then when we got to the shelter and we got to this one section where they had um freshly abandoned cats if you could say that um my boyfriend completely fell in love with this little white and grey ball of fur and it was we were done for at that point so we had to take him home so we filled in all the papers and um adopted him that very day question number five how old is your pet he’s now five months old so yeah he’s looking question number six what are some quirky things about your pets personality so I said we’ve only had him for a month now but he is a ball of energy for sure he loves to play he plays and runs around a lot he likes to bite stuff as well but I’m thinking that he might be teething so thats that’s maybe why number seven awaaz what does your relationship with your pet mean to you um it means this for this one as well it means a lot you wouldn’t think that in one month you get as attached to a pet as we’ve already become but we are really attached to this little boy and he’s fully a part of our family now and I would not want to let him go ever ever again so he has found home for himself for the rest of his life for sure question number eight what are some of your favorite pastimes with your pets um this kitten really likes to cuddle so whenever we are sitting on the couch or laying in bed he will come and cuddle and fall asleep on your lap or on top a few chests or yeah so cuddling with this one for sure number nine what are some nicknames that you call your pets um we call him so lucky um okie dokie lucky Luc that was he guys thanks for listening to me talk about my two babies and don’t worry I’m not gonna become a crazy cat lady because the next pet I want is a dog how was it guys thanks so much for watching and I’ll talk to you guys next time don’t forget to subscribe right tell him to subscribe subscribe guys mommy needs more subscribers thanks babe Oh bye kg2g chicken capture

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