Pet Supplement Leader NaturVet Launches New Hemp Products at Global Pet Expo

[Kristen Levine] Hello and welcome to Pet
Retail World. I am your host Kristen Levine and we are here at Global Pet Expo 2018 and I am visiting with Scott Garmon, he is the President of
NaturVet. Welcome Scott! [Scott Garmon] Thank You. [Kristen Levine] So tell me about the story behind NaturVet. [Scott Garmon] We actually started in business in 1979 and somewhere in the early 90’s my wife came home with a rescue dog who had really bad arthritis and we went looking for a solution. The next thing we knew we were manufacturing joint products for dogs and we were the first OTC product out there and it started us down the path to work on products that work on the causes that solve the problems that pets have. [Kristen Levine] The pet supplement space is obviously a crowded one, what differentiates NaturVet from the others? [Scott Garmon] We started right from the beginning with the fact that we wanted to control our own sources and our own ingredients. Not many manufacturers make their own product, they have someone else make them for them. We validate ingredients when they come in and we test ingredients when they come in and also in the finished goods and we manufacture in our own plant for soft chews, tablets, powders and liquids. [Kristen Levine] Excellent, that is important for pet owners to know for sure. So let’s talk about the categories of product, you mentioned that you started with the joint supplements. [Scott Garmon] Joint is probably number 1, calming is number 2 and the grass saver product is number 3. Grass saver is kind of unique, you feed it
to the dog and when they urinate on the lawn, it doesn’t leave yellow spots. Those are three of the original products that we came up with which created categories that people didn’t even realize there were solutions for back then. We have a product that when the dog is eating out of the cat litter box, we have an actual supplement that helps prevent that. [Kristen Levine] Really? And what is that called? [Scott Garmon] That is called Out Of My Box. [Kristen Levine] I love it! That is perfect! [Kristen Levine] I am particularly really happy to hear about your calming line because I have had dogs that have had severe separation anxiety, storm and noise anxiety, and tell us about your calming products and calming chew. [Scott Garmon] Calming chews, again they come in tablets or in soft chews. They sell really well but the biggest problem with any calming soft chew or tablet is getting it out to the public that it is actually available and that there is a solution for it. [Kristen Levine] The hemp line, do you want to talk a little about that? [Scott Garmon] Yeah, that is our newest product that came out this year. Hemp and CBDs are obviously heavily talked about things. Our product is hemp based and we do it for calming, joint and we do it for immune and allergies as well. Those products have been received very, very well. We have gotten a lot of feedback over the
last 3 months and this is our initial launch on that product. [Kristen Levine] Alright, so where can pet
owners find NaturVet products? [Scott Garmon] We are obviously available
at major pet retailers. Petco does a lot of our stuff and we have
a very large contingent of independent retailers that do. They can go onto our site and they can go
to the store locator and they can easily find them anywhere in their area. [Kristen Levine] And what is the website? [Scott Garmon] It’s, just no
E in the word Nature, N-A-T-U-R [Kristen Levine] Excellent, thank you Scott
for joining us and we will be back later with more at Pet Retail World.

2 thoughts on “Pet Supplement Leader NaturVet Launches New Hemp Products at Global Pet Expo

  1. I just purchased the Hemp Hot Spot Spray and used it to treat my two chihuahuas for itchy skin. While it is too early too say whether or not it is effective, I had to take the time to comment on the product's packaging – it is horrendous! I can't believe your people didn't do a little research before committing to the plastic sleeve over the plastic bottle approach, packaging sure to frustrate the user. This plastic sleeve constantly rides up while spraying and one must stop to push it down repeatedly. Making matters worse, your hands become slick as you massage the spray onto the skin and past the hair, and the combination of slick hands and plastic sleeve riding up makes for a truly frustrating experience. I will not purchase again as long as you market this product with the offending packaging.

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