Pet Shop & Time Travel! Roblox: COUNTDOWN?Adopt Me!?

hello and welcome back to another adopt me video and I came in to adopt me to check out this there's pet it says pet adoptions coming soon new pet shop mystery ooh interesting so let's play I'm going to be a baby I am in a public server right now we are going to oh so that's always nice when you come into a game and get a paycheck I'm not gonna complain about that but it says right here pets update and eight days adopt your own cuddly kitten or fluffy puppy the biggest update and adopt me ever coming very soon would you like to preview the new pet shop before it opens yes but I am just gonna press cancel though because I'll make my way over there so I have ten bucks out of there let's go to the pet store here I need to go to the playground so I may go to a playground and then go to the pet store and check it out so we'll go over to the park and park my banana here hello I'm gonna go on the swing jump off that will go on the trampoline I want to go see but I just thought I might as well get take care of my needs oh oh oh my does it normally do that oh my goodness okay I like this girl's car look at her car it's so cute come on Park okay here we go let's go check out the pet store where's my banana vehicle oh it's all the way over here I'm gonna put their house yes it's funny I was thinking that it would be so cool to have your house beside the pet store so this person right here put their house beside the pet store and look at how cute that looks okay so we are gonna go in and check it out what is this oh my goodness and I just walked right through it but is this like maybe you can visit the old adopt me is that what that is but look at the pet store oh my goodness okay so let's talk – it's a little crowd will crowded in this spot cuz everybody's trying to talk to Tom here hey there my pet shop opens Saturday June 15th only issue is that there aren't any pets in adopt me I had an idea can you go back in time to before the nursery was built and tells sirwoofington my time machine is on your right okay so this is a time machine okay this is interesting oh we got some pet toys here this is so cute little doghouse adorable so we had to go back into time powerup Time Machine for a hundred bucks absolutely let's do this okay time travel it's the old adopt me this is too cool this brings back so many memories oh my gosh yes here is a guy that we are supposed to talk to here so what'd he say good date so you want me to add a pet department yes indeed by doing this you're changing the future yes ask him to build that all right I'll do it this is so cool guys very interactive I love it may the developers have mercy on us all make sure to let Tom know so he can prepare ok so tom was back at the pet store but I definitely want to check this out there is where we used to have to rent the houses oh my gosh the memories can you see the old mansion because the mansion was the most expensive the ice cream shop was there before back when the hot air balloon was coming soon look at how cool that looks guys oh my gosh with the purple and the moon like that looks super cool there's a park yes there is a mansion right there in all the grocery store coming soon I loved it when we got the GRU sister this is so awesome guys not only are we getting Pat's but they give us such a neat update before we get the pets way to cool now what was that place I don't remember what that was not sure what that is guys if you know let me know I did not notice a dog how did I not notice him hello Doug you are so adorable oh that is so cute you were so adorable Doug I just want to talk to you all day let me see let me see that again I love how the pets look back in the day when I first started playing or like around when I first start playing you can only buy strollers there was a few toys II could buy bottles I believe and then they had cribs on display but now there's much more in there I love this ok well bye bye it was nice meeting you and yeah the dog is so adorable your dog is so adorable I am gonna go back and talk to Tom ok Tom I need to talk to you now we wait hopefully pets will enter the world of adopt me soon yes I can't wait Lulu her egg is pink in the meantime here's a very special pet egg as a token of my appreciation oh it will one day hatch into a beautiful pet so I got a little pink egg for going back into time this is way too awesome so I have I have a pink egg so let's go to my inventory now I have a pink egg legendary and then I have an egg changing color legendary ooh another paycheck ok so let's go take care of my needs that was fun going back in time taking a look at the old adopt me map look at how much it has changed over time we used to not have presents we didn't have the school we didn't have the hospital sleeping doesn't seem to be working it's probably just a little bug right now I'm sure that will be fixed what do I want – I want my banana vehicle again I do I left my been again a vehicle somewhere so we'll just take it out again ooh I like how this person colored their mushroom house a little fairy house ok oh no my bandana vehicle ok it's ok banana vehicle I will get you back where ok what's going on here I can't see my cursor there it is banana vehicle hey let's go to school I don't want to be late for school someone else is in school pretend it's a gym class right now doing some exercise in I haven't put I haven't used the weights in a while let's use them lifting some weights ok let's go to computer class turn on do a little computer work before I end this video let's just quickly go look at the pet store one more time love how it looks on outside and the inside how in the world did they get their car all the way up there here we are look at everybody's time traveling here it's so cool how they added that so excited for the pets I cannot wait they look absolutely adorable I am going to end this video here I hope that you enjoyed and have yourself a great day bye

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    If you wanna try this one it's ➦> ? I just want to share this. . . .

  2. I am unlock Bana car – Legendary Jenni please you get my add request friend my name is fyuyg67fyyfgftyyyb

  3. You where supposed to talk to Tom again then he says I’ll give you an egg and one day it will hatch BECAUSE I WAS IN THAT SERVER OMGONGOMG

  4. Omg jenni I waiting this Roblox pet shop vid for long and Btw your all vid is awesome I hope you like my comment
    Xoxo fefe

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