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hey guys we just got back from another horror movie pets it oh my god Joe Pet Sematary one not Pet Sematary to take that shit off right now Pet Sematary – get out of my house right now no he's kidding Pet Sematary – is one of the worst things ever you the only reason why you'd see it is for clancy brown's over-the-top performance what if you like weird werewolf sex though and if you like weird werewolf sex which if you've seen it you'll know what Joe was referencing there but okay let's not get off track because we're huge Pet Sematary fans as you could tell I've seen the original I've seen Pet Sematary – Joe both you've seen Pet Sematary – multiple times twice in two days and you I've seen the original bunch of times I was forced to watch part two which you're the worst and I read the book forever ago but I've got one book reader amongst us but needless to say we're huge present airy fans I was very very nervous about this I rewatched it recently I freaking loved it but I noticed how hokey some of the acting was from the father and the mother but I love little Nico yeah I know but Miko is so good in it and what's the character Jud and he was played by monster yeah his name is not Herman monster man okay but he was great in the film enjoy this you know sort of a friendly country neighbor and it's just a great film you need to go out and see Pet Sematary be on let's talk though about this Pet Sematary 2019 a remake very nervous but excited at the same time to see it how did it do guys how did it do I liked it I think that I mean do you like something I like all sorts of things I don't think it's great but I don't think I think they did I like if you're expecting a horror film yeah that's what you're in the mood for and if you have read the book or not read the book or if you like the first one I think you're gonna like this one okay I mean it's it's good as a horror film I came in with super high expectations because I was hyping myself up and I would see there it the potential is so amazing to update and and do like stuff with the demonic forces being released from the burial and all this other stuff and and all the imagery and the makeup effects all these things that could be improved on and the original had some kind of comedy elements and things like that then I kind of wanted to see a different take on and so I went in with high expectations and I actually learned something too trailers I'm sorry if you've seen the trailers it kind of ruins a little bit of things but I stayed away from the trailers but it I think it just did an effective job and I came in with high expectations so for it to do I hated it at first you know I was resisting it well I'll tell you about that in spoilers there's something I can't talk about because this version chooses to change something and when I heard that they changed something I was mad you know as a fan I was like no fuck this film so I went into the film mad and then when it happened I was like you know what that actually kind of ties in a little bit better there's there's several things in this film that I feel improve on it for sure and and sort of make the characters more realistic or tie the family together a little bit motivations a more sense I loved it Joe some things I'd avoid but Joe's the odd man out really yeah okay okay there's a lot of lot of spoilers so we're gonna make this as generic as possible how do you think the acting was Alex I'll uh I mean I think that all of the the characters both child actors and the the adult ones in this this time we're great I had some problems with the original one with some weird stuff but I think they did a really good job with with most of the acting here I think they use a lot of really cool practical effects and I really like the way like visually that this movie looked I think everybody did good I liked John as a judge he did pretty good oh yeah yeah yeah he was good as judge I don't know what it is with Jason Clark I guess I have a bias against like him I just did not like before yeah no no that was the other guy in Terminator Terminator so I think that was like I forget that guy's name but I don't know I he doesn't have the on-screen charisma of the original father and Pet Sematary but it's acting was so over-the-top and good over this just like good for me exactly there was nothing really stood out as bad maybe the daughter at point no she did an alright job there was a creepy um you know what I I was disappointed with the lack of a certain character being in it I really wanted more of a certain character because I'm such a big fan of the original but you understand why you any any lack of characters or anything like that yeah Judd you don't feel like they use him enough on this okay I see what you're saying I I get what he's saying I think as much as I love that that realistically the original actor I think they handled Judd a little bit better in this I wanted more of him but I think they handled him better because in the original UK you could kind of had a meal he didn't have that warmth of the original judge oh no definitely yeah do all the backstories and this one it's more like he's off screen yeah but he's doing research and he's looking up all this stuff so stuff that was explained to us by Judd in the original he kind of discovers for himself modernize it on computers and shit crack open a beer have a moment I see what you're saying guys he's saying now oh but but regardless the characters are very strong but more importantly I feel that the themes in the film were done well obviously we're talking about the loss of loved ones we're talking about death this one even goes into sort of the the afterlife what happens when you're dead god versus science God the doctor versus irreligious people kind of thing the the idea of that and it plays with that to a surprising degree even in the third act you're like oh shit what is happening here you don't know um and so I thought that was handled well but I wouldn't say it's like a scary film you know what I mean that's the only problem job scares yeah there was a couple of them there was some tense moments that I think they did a good job like translating from the like reading the book I remember parts being like I don't was gonna happen and seeing the first movie same thing and I think that that translates here to there's some parts where like someone goes to the pet cemetery and you're just kind of waiting the church is kind of deceptive yeah you know if they got the they got this little little kids with masks and rituals gonna force them like is this gonna be like oh like the ritual or like no The Wicker Man is this gonna be kind of like that it's not it's not luckily it focuses in on the book source material and in fact they even find a way to inject a character that the original film left out from the book in here and I think they really play with sort of the the demonic undertones of the film and I think some of that is handled better and it enhances one of the biggest things that we've got to talk about from the original that scared me as a child more so than a cat coming back I love the cat by the way I'm a big fan of the cat I wanted the cat to have more crazy eyes I don't think cat ever went crazy eyes I was raised you know there was one scene yeah okay but you know that can't always said I just love that cat and it wasn't really and then of course you know obviously baring you know going one step further and burying people right yeah but this but the thing that scared me the most was Zelda okay that ideas Elda right y'all like having to take care of somebody that's like wrote ask and you know just the and they're relying on you and you as a child it's too much for you to handle your your home alone and and it just it's oppressive and all those things and deceit is scary as a kid you know I saw the movie recently it's not anywhere as scary as I thought it was you know it's super easy it's it is a little scary but you had to get that right as a huge Pet Sematary fan and I think that they took that idea I was like please don't fuck up Zelda don't fuck themselves and they do something different with Zelda and I think it's executed fantastically I think it adds a new dimension to the Zelda character what yeah to me don't like when mommy and daddy on this take it felt like they were really hammering Zelda on your faces and yes that was creepy the way you were describing it you were using your imagination I love that because they were like this is just one part but you took it and like I took it further yeah I was like that is what you wash was and now it's just like oh here's Elda she's creepy I think I think they you know they expanded on it and well I get what you're saying I could see how a little bit but I just think that it's hard to talk about without saying any spoilers so we'll argue more well I was right in the middle but yes I liked the original it scared that that actor cuz we just learned recently and I think they did a really good job here they added some stuff they man the idea of Zelda way more scary yeah they expanded on a lot of things and I think they did a pretty good job with it I think they kind of laid it on a little thick which i think is one of his gripes in certain parts to it but I liked it I think they did everybody that sees Pet Sematary comes away talking about Zelda over so I think that's why they leaned into the amiko with this case where he's dressed up as Elda and that look my dress so it's a fit to me it's a sufficient remake you know I wouldn't say it's hard for me to say does it pass surpass the original for me no because the original is one of those lightning in a bottle so the acting is so over-the-top and they're so they're silly parts to it there's gross parts they're scary parts there's dealing with the loss of child like the original Pet Sematary pushed you know buttons and and I thought it was interesting even though it's okie and um and then you can laugh at it if you could do commentary but it was it's an experience to watch I highly recommend it so this doesn't really pass the original if somebody were to say I would watch one Pet Sematary which one do i watch I tell you to watch that one but I would tell you to watch this one because it has some unique spins on it and I think it does a good job updating it for modern audiences so let's jump into even though certain person over here disagrees with me first time me and Alex or against Joe so let's go to our final ratings let's start with Alex so if I actually kind of disagree with you and what you kind of just say that about if you yeah what it what do you disagree so if someone said i watch Pet Sematary should i watch i'm not automatically gonna sit under the first one the first one i'm saying is the first you're sending them to this it depends right the first one is culturally important it is it's like he's right but if someone says I want to watch an action like adventure movie you make him watch The Goonies like no I mean most of that my love for that obviously nostalgia and all the other things that come along with it huh and Pet Sematary the first one not scary that little cage in a dress is and with all the dolls flying around kinda silly this one is a better horror film I still like the first one better but this was a horror film and I tried I can see that take the original one it tried to cut out some of the hokey nice which is gonna piss people off it tried to update some of the the gripes that people had I think that it really motivates most one you just you're looking at these characters do stuff and you're like man idiot now this one kind of explains some things yeah and they fix some of the little sci-fi demonic influence for sure so I think that this one we just saw today is a better horror film and I think it's a serviceable horror film it's not great but I think it's pretty good above average you should go see a token leechers him first you see this man I think this is a seven out of ten but you don't disagree with me Alex because I will agree with everything you just said the only thing we disagree on is watch the original he says watch this one if you want a horror film for sure if you want a horror film no I'm with you if you're a horror film watch that one if you want to watch something that's everything and you'll laugh about and have a good time and become maybe a fan like we are watch the original then watch this not sure Joe yes oh my mr. Don did not like it the acting was good no outstanding performances by anybody right means John Luke I was amazing you just don't like this guy's just a flat performance with when there's a moment there's supposed to be screaming out loud moment he doesn't screw doesn't do anything like lace I'm like all right we'll talk about spoilers yeah performance report very good I didn't really feel like the tension that you speak of yes there were some jump scares but the first one had better tension and the gore way better I love the gore in the first one yeah there's not any gore in the first one okay if you've seen the first one might as well don't watch the second one skip pet some what you watch it twice in 48 hours why he's the expert on this do not watch to watch this one instead forget that to ever happened speaking about to and towards the end I started getting some of Pet Sematary in the last 37-32 vibes what do you do oh my god no I know we'll talk about that in space yeah so maybe that's what pissed Joe off because Joe hey Spencer integrity this is a five for me oh it's just an average fun they didn't Wow I was excited for it I thought this I think this is a good Stephen King film Wow okay well Joe I can't that's yours that's your opinion and I can't try I want to convince you all right my okay I've tried the whole time I've been trying in the spoilers all right so my final verdict is an eight out of ten I think that it updates it the updates the film wonderfully for modern audiences it improves certain motivation it improves some of them the creepy and and the and the supernatural kind of elements to it to explain some some things and and it does change some things it changes one huge critical thing that we'll talk about in spoilers and I learned about this unfortunately but before I saw the film the fucking trailer sucks by the way the trailer has spoiled several things but I learned about something before I saw it and I went in pissed I had high expectations for this film and I went in I'm not gonna like this I mean I know I'm not gonna like it it happens and I'm like okay I can see and I've read an interview saying it was a really difficult decision for them to make but ultimately it made more sense to them at the time and it gave them their own unique spin and I think it does give this film its own unique spin so that it can live alongside the original Pet Sematary I still think the original Pet Sematary is a far more entertaining watch and one that you need to see but this one is an effective horror film when I go around telling you look what horror films do you like I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna tell you like babadook I'll tell you one of the conjuring –zz you know some of these these really scary ones and then I might even throw in Pet Sematary both of them because this one I thought was really well done and so I'm gonna give this an eight out of ten I think that it's done very well I mean it's not super scary but it's just unsettling it's creeping a dozen deals with a lot of elements death live afterlife children you know the thing you know you don't pet sematary come on anyways so those are our final verdicts now let us get you know get crazy and get angry in the spoiler section as we argue with each other all right so we'll see you guys on the next Andrew Joseph bye guys

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  2. BTW Angry Joe You should DEFINITELY read The original Novel because in the Novel Zelda actually attempted to make good on her threat of killing Rachael and committing suicide at the same time she poured keroscean from an old lamp on her bed and was holding Rachael's hand hard enough to crush Rachaels fingers while she was holding a burning match in her hands threatening to burn the house down with both of them in it Zelda actually sets the bed on fire and Rachael is able to put the fire out GREAT SCENE IN THE NOVEL

  3. I didn't think the acting from Jason Clark and the actress who played his wife were hokey. I thought all the actors hit their marks John Lithgow did an AWESOME Jud. I actually think Ellie was WAY SCARIER than Gage in the original. I also think the ending in The Remake was a way better ending than the original movie or the novel. The one thing I am kind of angry about is how much the trailers hyped up the kids wearing the creepy masks I heard rumors that they were amoung The Resurrected Undead performing rituals on children and even adults that they kidnapped and for the trailers to make it seem like they are prominent in the movie I felt kind of ripped off, because they're only in one scene otherwise I FUCKING LOVE THE REMAKE I LOVE THE ORIGINAL AS WELL BUT THE REMAKE IS A MILLION TIMES BETTER Also I thought Zelda was WAY SCARIER AS WELL I actually think that Zelda intentionally committed suicide by throwing herself down the dumbwaiter shaft I also Church the cat is WAY MORE TERRIFYING than in the original I LOVE HOW HE INTENTIONALLY LURES ELLIE TO HER DEATH PET SEMATARY IS A FUCKING GREAT MOVIE

  4. This movie was hot garbage. When my wife and i watched it we nearly left the theater. Compared to the original and the book it doesnt even deserve to be in the same conversation. Hell i would rather watch Pet Semetary 2 over this steaming pile of shit.

  5. Movie was ass did nothing new with the story all it added was psychological shit with the family don’t waste your time watch the original

  6. A really good and solid horror movie until the "final fight" and the ending.This ending just shits a big load of crap on the rest of the film and rushes things with no explanation.I was like i want to see the fucking wendigo wtf??

  7. I am not sure which of the 2 actors from Terminator but i do know who the 2 actors he hates. The guy who played John Connor and the other from Suicide Squad & Divergent. I think he is talking about the former here but yeah i aint a fan of either.

  8. I feel like this movie suffers from the recent flaw of catering to people with short attention spans. This movie doesn't take the time to explain many things and had plenty of opportunity to do so. It replaces a lot of things with short cheeky suspense moments. I still think that it is a great movie though, and it does pay tribute to the original in many ways. I would recommend for people who haven't watched it, go watch some sort of story recap, it will help you understand it a lot better.

  9. Only thing i liked about seeing it was in the middle of the movie my dad was snoring so loud i heard him form other side of the room

  10. Other Joe is right. I watched the original and the remake back-to-back on the same day and the remake was a disappointment and is not as good as the original.

  11. I put a lot of creedence in you guys' movie reviews almost as much as the game reviews, gotta say I wanna see this now

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  13. i thought the movie was pretty good. It started out a little slow but once it picked up with the cat and the girl, plus that ending, i was pretty content.

  14. I don't know if I'll like this movie because I couldn't finish the book, it was so boring, nothing happened and I was halfway through the book. I hate it when the scary stuff only happens at the end.

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