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hello there how are you guys welcome back to breakfast all day Christian Lanza and Matt so now we're gonna play a little bit of catch-up with a movie that came out last week but not everybody had seen it but we've all seen it well actually we have nothing I will get to it in fact we're talking about it on who shot you next week so eventually if you really you're dying to hear what I have to say about it catch that anyway it's called Pet Sematary it's a remake of Pet Sematary yes this is based on the Stephen King novel it's the second time this movies been made or this this story has been made into a movie this time it stars Jason Clarke from Clarke Amos Amos and Amy sign it's Jason Clarke who we've seen play Ted Kennedy after the events of the write-in Chappaquiddick he Ted Kennedy retires to a little town and Massachusetts right they're not even contiguous states sorry you have to go to New Hampshire to get there you can drive through them all in one day but you gotta go through New Hampshire you live in California it's the size of like eight of those states out there it's fine it's the shortest coastline in the nation in in New Hampshire by the way it's only 17 miles so you go with along there then you get to Maine okay I've been there a lot anyway so they were tired of Maine he's got two kids he's a doctor he's working on campus had gotten out of the rat race of working the ER shifts a trauma center and they need to slow down and they live next to a very scary highway with giant trucks that speed by and a cat gets killed and their neighbor Judd played by John Lithgow shows them that there's a cemetery behind the cemetery where sometimes things may come back although as judge later says sometimes dead is better you don't want to be buried in a pen right cemetery right the ramones smart people right they also told us beat on the brat which also could have come up in this movie right that's really anyway I actually was ok I went into this movie think it was gonna be god-awful I don't know I think I heard people being you know this was I I came into this like a week and a half late after it had been out and you know I just saw it I think it was Monday actually saw this right before little and I was pleasantly surprised I will say this movie is unusual in that I felt like it ends better than it starts and the ending is different and and it changes some things that people who know the book and know the first movie and we're not going to spoil what it is but there's some some significant differences and I think that this movie capitalizes on that in that what you it makes that work really well and so it brings you some surprise to it and you know the beginning of the movie it felt like okay this is kind of the typical like by the numbers it felt very played it felt very clichéd you know not just with the Pet Sematary story but the idea of like oh we've moved if not into a haunted house next to a haunted area and you know the movie seems to be telegraphing everything you're gonna see and you know that the tense moments and then there's the loud bang as the reveal and the scare and blah blah blah but then after the second trip to the cemetery I was really into it and then it got good because then it got real interesting and you know I felt like you know as I said before this movie does that rare thing where I feel like it's it ends starter it's it it finishes better than it starts usually movies fall apart at the I mean when a movie breaks down endings can be tough but this one finishes really strong and I dug it and I had a good time in this it was also I do want to point out super weird because I wouldn't saw it on a Monday afternoon and I was the only person in the ArcLight theatre was the only one that bought a ticket and the guy comes out and he's like and he just sees me he's like been the ArcLight before I'm like yep he's like all right you know the drill I know his fiancee he's like I'm not gonna do he's like just don't record the movie and enjoy yourself I'm like cool that's sad was kind of cool that's the saddest little showing but you know I'm getting text and I'm getting phone calls I'm like no actually I'm watching this movie so I'm kind of into it so this is more like Pet Sematary I'm actually surprised that that didn't occur to you man that's just your branded joke right there it's got some tonal balance stuff going on like there's stuff that I think they meant to be scary but it's actually funny and vice-versa I was kind of rooting for the cat no I don't think so but but you know again like after that second trip and like you know this is the second time today that I'll bring up Sam Raimi like there starts to become this almost like Lourdes like fun like here we go and I kind of like when it tilts into that I was more into it that's a tricky balance to find and Sam Raimi does find it and I'll mention drag me to hell for a second time Randy Merritt Merritt Wes Craven was really great at that there's you know a del Toro can make that work that you know there are directors who can bring a wry kind of wink to the camera that they don't overplay it that they know you're there for a thrill and they know they're gonna show you a good time and they'll acknowledge that and you're okay with it and they know not to overplay it and I think this movie at least if if not executed like it gets real close I don't know why we have two directors but we do do you know why we had two directors well because one of them had died okay Kevin Coulson Denis Wittenmyer both co-directed this it's not it's not enough cracker in the four realms so there are individual things I like about this like jeté and Lawrence who plays the daughter is is really good she gets increasingly really creepy I like you know as time goes on I was into her character more and more Amy Simon's who's this is a really different kind of film for her she's done a lot of Indies she's best known for yes which she's so great in that she's also in wild nights with Emily which I hope we can get to eventually but she's got a really intriguing kind of groundedness to her presence which helps here significantly because this world is so bizarre and so McCobb yeah I just I feel like they didn't have a hold on the material on the tone of the material and it just I was never truly scared and I wasn't truly laughing I'm sort of in a blah middle a purgatory okay if you will and I did not like the ending it's it felt gratuitously shocking to me yeah I figured it takes a turn takes a turn that it's again also maybe not in line with the rest of the film right it goes I go to a very dark place in the ending yeah it seems inconsistent with the the the ideal version of the tone they say they are trying to pull off yeah I actually kind of like the ending okay but I'm a terrible person you are I'm a good person um so I'm really mixed on out like I had not read the book though have you read the book uh that's one of the Stephen King books I have not read okay well I like don't let go in it yeah he's always good had you seen the original film I've been a long time though I don't remember very well the original film is yeah but not for all I think I only ever saw it once it's not good right yeah remember never seen it but you know as it I think anything 30 years passed and it's champions in murder well that was you know Pet Sematary is one of the reasons you know one of the many reasons that for a long time the joke was like Stephen King writes these great books and and almost all the adaptations are terrible right I mean people will argue about the shining because some people think it's brilliant and Stephen King fans sometimes hate but you know there's a lot of bad Stephen King adaptations especially in the 80s and early 90s misery is good do go to the rap check out bibs ranked all of them at 43 movies crazy I hope sleepwalkers is close to the bottom what's his number one the shiny okay anyway but I like this more than you okay I didn't love it but it worked for me a six and a half okay I'm saying a five point two or number five point nine it's at 58% on the tomato meter and there is a version of Pet Sematary that plays during the credits so if you like that song we're just want to get it stuck in your head like it's been stuck in mine you can have Pet Sematary in your head but it's not the Ramones so boo anyway I look for to seeing this movie to find out who I agree with if either of you thanks for watching please like our video here on YouTube and subscribe to our Channel and if you're a podcast listener you can of course subscribe to the breakfast all day podcast in all the places where those happen and follow us at be fast all day on Twitter on Facebook and on Instagram thank you for watching thanks bye

9 thoughts on “Pet Sematary (2019) review – Breakfast All Day

  1. Christy is a lot like Grace Randolph when it comes to the ending. She said she thought it was distasteful.

  2. Is the intro to the Ramone's cover supposed to be Don't Fear the Reaper?
    I'm also not sure I would have described Joey's voice as haunting before I heard someone else try that song.

  3. This is the second review I checked out from you guys, and once again Alonso didn't watch the movie. Get rid of him!!!!

  4. I'm mostly with Christy on this one, it's sort of flat. Matt is right though, it does finish strong.
    The biggest problem with this one is it lacks humanity. Sure, the original is a bit melodramatic, but this one whisks away the heart of the story and it's characters.

  5. I'm really hoping Tarantino makes a good a great one, because it has been LONG time since I've seen a movie in the theaters in recent years that has really impressed me.

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