Pet Sematary (2019) ALTERNATE ENDINGS & Deleted Scenes Explained

the new Pet Sematary has fans debating the change as it made to the original story but what I've also discovered is that there are some radically different endings of the remake that were almost used in the final film yippee-ki-yay movie lovers I'm John and in this video I'm revealing the three incredible endings you never got to see in the new Pet Sematary including the happy endings Stephen King recommended Plus keep watching for more deleted scenes cut from the final film spoilers ahead for the movie so take care if you haven't seen it yet the filmmakers of the new Pet Sematary had three different endings planned for the movie which they described as dark darker and darkest now the ending we actually got for the film was pretty bleak with not just Ellie and Rachel dying but Lewis also killed on top of that in the movies final scene we see the resurrected Lewis Ellie and Rachel approaching the family sole survivor gage is in a car looking out the window at his undead family when we hear the horrifying sound of the doors unlocking the opening scene of the movie showed us an opened car door with bloody hand stains heavily indicating that poor gage surely didn't survive this chilling everyone dies twist on the original story was the darkest version on the table and if you found it too horrifying for your liking you might have preferred the much lighter ending that Stephen King suggested the horror legend saw an early cut once the filmmakers began their reshoots and based on that he recommended an ending where gages walking up the middle of the road we see dawn and we hear a truck coming and think oh my god he's gonna get greased in the road that's how this is gonna end then at the last second this woman pulls him out of the road and rescues him and says words your mummy and daddy both kings original story and the 1989 movie had gage rather than early killed by a truck in the road earlier in the story so this alternate ending would have been a hat tip to that with the twist being that this time the little toddler is saved King would have ended the movie right there leaving the ultimate fate of the woman engaged unknown as she goes off his search of gages parents speaking to ewk suggested he's a sucker for a happy ending and it's interesting that the finale he suggested for the remake would have been drastically different to how he ended his own book the second alternate ending was actually filmed and while it's still dark it's just a touch lighter than what we saw in the final movie in an interview with Collider producer Lorenzo di Bona Ventura describes what it entails there's a version where mum and daughter are both back from the dead and there's a shot of Lewis with gage in his lap both of them are normal and then mum walks in she's clearly out there in another world and daughter comes in and daughter says hi mummy I love you and then the cameras on them like a family portrait and then it just pulls back and the little kids crying and Louis just looks like he's been run over by a bus so in this version we still have an undead Ellie and Rachel at the end and although it seems unlikely that Lewis engaged could survive the onslaught of these two reanimated family members the way it ends does leave open the slightest possibility this alternate ending is more of a direct play on the original 1989 movies ending where Lewis was waiting in the kitchen for the resurrected corpse of Rachel to return to him in that movie it showed Rachel grabbing a knife and ended on Lewis's screams which is why I think the second alternate ending for the new film very likely implies that Lewis engage will both die a 2017 draft of the screenplay also reveals yet another interesting finale that could have been in this ending it's Rachel who discovers Judds dead body and then goes to look for Ellie in the woods she finds her undead daughter in the pet cemetery and armed with drugs guns she tries to shoot Ellie but mrs. Ellie attacks her mother with the scalpel and during the fight Rachel drops her revolver Ellie grabs the gun aims it at her mother and with pitch black eyes and a wicked smile on her face she says love you mummy then pulls the trigger but just at that moment Lewis arrives and in the aftermath we discover he's the one who's been shot Lewis dies leaving Rachel's stricken with grief the undead Ellie then walks over to her mother and goes to kill her but notices something about her mother's pain and instead whispers something to her the scene then cuts to gauge asleep in the car and suddenly Ally's there smiling at him then Rachel walks over unlocked the car door and takes gage over to the front porch with her where she sits down the camera pans out to Ellie dancing in the yard and a shadow appears in front of her Elle lux up surprise and exclaims daddy at which point the screen cuts to black so as you can see this ending like the others is pretty crazy and twisted it's more open in terms of whether Rachel engaged could survive but of course they'd need to defeat the resurrected Lewis and Ellie now if you watch the trailers for the movie you'll probably have noticed quite a few scenes missing from the final film for example several Zelda scenes didn't make it in including this one of Zelda creeping up behind Rachel and grabbing her other Zelda scenes that were cut involved Rachel experiencing more visions of her sister when she visits her childhood home in Boston in an interview with slash film the directors described a deleted scene where Rachel goes to her sister's bedroom to confront her fear of her dead sister in a moment similar to one in the 1989 movie the reason for this cut was that the directors wanted to focus the Zelda scenes on the house the family moved to in Ludlow as by only having visions of Zelda appear to Rachel and the family's new house it emphasizes the power the wendi-go has on the area near the cursed burial ground the filmmakers also said they didn't want the Zelda storyline to overwhelm the film but they've promised that will see these extra scenes on the home entertainment release interestingly enough though Zelda wasn't actually in the original script for the remake but when directors Kevin Kolsch and Dennis wittmeyer came on board they insisted on including Zelda's story as it was vital to give Rachel a more substantial role there's another terrifying snippet in the trailers that didn't make it in which looks like a flashback to when Judds wife Norma was alive this scene could have been really interesting as it could have helped explain why Ellie tells Jurg that she's seen his dead wife Norma burning in hell for what he did to her in King's original novel the possessed gage tortured about Norma cheating on him with all his friends and in the book Jude also has a brief history of having visited prostitutes Kolsch has said that the deleted scene shows more of Joe's backstory and his relationship with the burial ground which leads me to think that when Norma died Judge resurrected her but as with everyone who comes back Norma wasn't right you can see her here rocking back and forth in a chair while an iron has been left on in the background jed probably had to kill the undead Norma and now the wendi-go is using ellie to come back as his wife to punish him there are also some intriguing trailer scenes of children in masks that never made it into the final movie in the film we only see the kids as they parade down to the pet cemetery but in the trailer there's also these additional scenes of the children going beyond the barrier all the way to the cursed burial ground where they seem to be burying a dead animal the directors have revealed that these scenes were only filmed for marketing the movie in their interview with slash film they explained that on studio films they send marketing departments down and they actually have their own camera unit and they take your actors and go and shoot things that are just specifically for trailers and marketing spots in fact the directors only saw those scenes for the first time when they saw the trailer they were slightly concerned that these fake scenes so to speak might confuse the audience but in the end they don't think they did now what do you think about any of these deleted scenes and would you prefer any of the alternate endings tap the screen to vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments below and if you enjoyed this subscribe and hit the bell to get all my new videos next tap left for a full breakdown of Pet Sematary including Easter eggs so when do you go ant sequel possibilities or tap right for my horror movie deleted scenes playlist thanks for watching and see you next time yippee-ki-yay movie lovers

28 thoughts on “Pet Sematary (2019) ALTERNATE ENDINGS & Deleted Scenes Explained

  1. I didn't like the ending where they all became evil zombies…i find it korny and they should have sticked with the ending of 1st pet sematary…

  2. I liked the ending it was surprising but the beginning of the movie gave away the end with the car opened and all the blood.

  3. Would’ve preferred basically any other ending that the one they went with, man!! Totally ruined the story’s depiction of absolute, deep grief and loss. The ending of the original movie is far, far, FAR superior.

  4. I hope when this movie comes on DVD, we can watch the movie in its entirety with deleted scenes included (along with the option of ending of your choice). Also the masked kids in this movie could have been explored a bit more, to give the viewers a bit of history on them or maybe what the kids know of that place from their point of view

  5. I wish the dad re-killed his daughter in the end as he had to withness the death of his child twice and once by his own hand….emotionally would have a massive hit, bit like how The Mist's endin came out of nowhere.
    Also I know it's unpopular but I wish it had been a two part film. As there is so much in the book which could of been explored as act 3 seemed really rushed in places.

  6. I would have prefered an ending closer to the original. Also, in the original, Zelda was played by a guy to make her more frightening and weird looking.

  7. I believe the movie ended I think just perfect…where it shows Louis Ellie and Rachel walking up from the backyard to the car dead then church jumps on the hood by the front windshield, then you hear the car alarm opening the door

  8. Newsflash those fake scenes did confuse me I was expecting to see them in the film I thought I missed something when I went to go see it

  9. I cant say is a good movie but it would be more logical if I was the dad I would have told my son if I dont come back at 3am or what ever you leave you walk you dont turn around you leave and then the women saves him and let's say she lost her love ones the same way Gage did they prepare and comeback to finish what they start it making the sequel somewhat good I dont know sounds crazy but plz let me know what you guys think

  10. I just didn't want the toddler to …..i was hoping the ending would b somewhat different. Good job with Ellie and the cat, though. She was really creepy looking, and this Church, 10xs scarier than the original Church. This one looks like someone put him in a top load washing machine & he came out mad as hell!

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