Pet safety tips for Halloween

For today’s Pets on Set segment — we’re talking PET SAFETY tips — for Halloween. Joining us with more — Christina Kam of the Hawaiian Humane Society. And — a jack russell puppy that’s up for adoption. Safety Tips Keep pets indoors: Keep them in an enclosed area like a crate or closed room so they won’t become frightened of noisy costumed children. Distract them with their favorite toy and soothing music during prime trick-or-treating hours. Do not leave pets unattended if possible, even in a fenced yard or on a chain. Animals may panic, escape and get lost, or get injured by becoming entangled in their chain. Ensure that your pets have identification: The frequently opened front door is an opportunity for pets to accidentally escape. In addition to being microchipped, make sure your pet is wearing identification: a tag with his name, your name and your contact phone number. Call the Humane Society at 356-2228 immediately if your pet is lost and file a lost report. Having current photos of your pet is also helpful. For dogs, a license is proof of ownership and should be attached to his collar. Call the Humane Society at 356-2239 to update your contact information for your City & County license and microchip if you have changed your phone number or moved. Keep the candy stash away from curious pets: Candy can be harmful and chocolate is toxic to cats and dogs. Watch for signs of overheating: Pets in costumes are cute, but make sure your pet is comfortable and not too hot. Signs of overheating include: panting, open mouth breathing in cats, and lethargy. You’re watching KITV 4 MORNING News. We’ll be right back.

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