Pet Safe

Many pets get lost in the loud commotion of
independence day and end up at the San Diego humane society.
Their heightened sense of hearing causes many animals to flee.
Keep your pet inside to avoid any problems.>>>>: They’re going to be safer there, more
comfortable. Just make sure you don’t have any holes in
your fence or open windows that your pet could get out of.
>>>>DWANE BROWN: She says consider leaving on the TV or playing soothing muse took help
drown out the noise. Make sure they have a comfortable place to
hide or retreat to if they get stressed out.>>>>: Whether it’s a crate with a bed inside
the crate, they will feel protected.>>>>DWANE BROWN: If house guests are coming
over, be sure they know the rules about keeping your pet inside at all times.
Because the day after the fourth is when the humane society and shelters see a big spike
in the number of stray animals, it’s always a good idea to have them micro chipped.
>>>>: You can get your microchipping here at the San Diego humane society for just 10dollars.
It’s really easy and affordable, and a great way to make sure your pet is returned to you

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