what's up fixers welcome back my name is fig and we are here back again with another pet rent simulator video update number eight and just dropped here today and we're gonna be checking it out on today's video before we jump into the game let's check out and see what it says here now there's a new code it's update 8 so we're gonna be using that code here today also there's a new tier 7 egg 7 new pets and shinies of course treasure chests teleport to them using teleport gates near the pedegg so teleporting okay cloud check that out and of course more badges so let's go ahead and check out those badges and see what what kind of stuff they added to the badges here a thousand rebirths ok I think I had that already I'm pretty sure I do and hatch 10,000 eggs I have not got that one yet I know I'm not even close to 10,000 at least I don't think so let's go ahead and get into the game and see what's in store for us today and ok let's see what they've added into this game here and see what's going on alright before we continue though I'm gonna use the new code here and see what it gives us what is this update 8 and we're gonna see what it gives us here I got 40 1.8 trillion coins ok I'll take them why not why not alright guys is always searching through Twitter I've noticed that cool balls one of the developers of pet ranch actually put out this tweet that says that we've reached 30 million visits which is amazing so they added two new codes to the game 30m pet and 30m coin which is gonna give us some new stuff in the game so I'm gonna go check it out and see what it actually gives us right now let's go check it out all right now so here we are back in the game and I'm gonna go ahead and use the codes and see what happened so one of them was 3-0 m coin and see what happens all right so I got 30 trillion coins from that that's pretty good and the other one was 30 pet and let's see what that gives us all right that gives us a 30 M Mouse all right pretty cool to check out the mouse to see what it is here I don't know where it is let's see let's see let's see down at the bottom probably and this ear yeah so rare Mouse alright not too bad thanks for the free stuff alright cool hey what's up how's it going who is this talk what's up well he's got some WWE stuff on look at that face though doesn't that look weird look at that he says no no okay let's go this way there is the new egg Wow looks pretty cool it's a black black looking egg and a lot of a lot of you pets seven new pets awesome alright guys what I decided to do is come over here cuz I've got a couple of new pets that I didn't have in my last video and I finally got some legendaries that I said I would never get it's this one here the vampire and then is this one here which is the dragon pet if I'm not mistaken let's see here I'm gonna show you here on my collection here it's actually these two pets right here it's this one right here the demon actually and I finally got the vampire right your vampire dragon finally got those all right guys I walked around for a little bit and I finally got to where the teleporters are they're right here right in between these this area right here so let's go take these and see where they take us here alright so that one takes us up top okay I knew they were gonna show us a way up here there's the other one way over there well I'm way up here now that's awesome so this one here let's see how much this one gives me all right so that won't give me 22 spawn now you can buy it for 39 so you can keep buying these there's another one there's a purple one way over there alright so here's the second teleporter right here let's see what this one takes us alright this one is for the purple treasure right here awesome let's see how much this one gives me 14 rebirth coins okay cool alright and then there's the final one way over there let's go see if we can grab that one real quick alright here we are now with the third teleporter take us to the other side here nice that one gives us 50 to rebirth coins okay so a better way to get rebirth coins now and then just rebirthing okay let's go ahead and open some of these new pets here tier seven eggs let's see if we can grab hopefully some Legendary's and see what's in store for us in these eggs here are you guys ready let's do it all right got a lava slime okay I'll take it all right tuxedo cat poll cool got that one I guess that's the most common one are all uncommon oh I got an epic monkey alright not bad alright got an epic be nice alright check it out got the squid now looks pretty cool alright guys I've opened as many pets as I possibly can right now so I didn't get actually five out of the seven pets the two legendaries I can't get quite yet I've opened I don't know about 100 in something pets and I still didn't get those so unfortunately I don't know if I'm gonna be able to open them here in this video but we'll keep trying don't worry boo keep trying and when I do I'll bring you guys the update on that now let's check up this some of these pets here that I got cuz I got a bunch of really awesome new ones here tuxedo cat and I got 23 of them let's make them shiny here we also got a bunch of these lava slimes I got 20 of them sucking make two shiny versions of those we got a bunch of these squids so let's open some of these up I got enough for one shiny version of that and let's see here oh yeah I also got some some epic monkey so we got some epics not bad but I didn't get enough to make that shiny but we're only need one more so maybe we'll get one more those real quick before we continue here let's go let's see we can get one more monkey alright there is the monkey who finally got it and there it is right there one more epic monkey got it alright guys other than that that's all for today's video we're probably not gonna get those Legendary's for a while we're gonna have to open hundreds of eggs to get those stills so we'll keep trying here in the next couple days and see if we can grab those when I do I'll come back and do an update video on on that now over all the updates pretty good some teleporters take you to get some treasures awesome some new ways to get some more rebirth coins without having a rebirth and I like the pets the epics are pretty decent once you make them shiny another be better and I can't wait to see what those new legendaries are like once we get those 1.2 billion coins per egg pretty pricey gonna have to do a lot of grinding to get those but just keep trying and hopefully you guys will be able to get some of these pets all right everybody that's gonna do it for today's video thank you so much for hanging out with me today we're gonna be back soon with some more videos so guys don't forget to hit that like button down below and subscribe if you're new here okay now shoutout going out before today from last video goes out to blur that's right the blur the real blur whitey the one that's dancing on my head right now shoutout to you thank you so much for leaving a comment on my last video I really do appreciate the support don't forget to go check out blur the link to his channel is down in the description down below tell him that big sent you and go drop a like in one of his videos go check out his live streams and all that good stuff like that I really would appreciate if you guys go check them out alright that's gonna do it for today's video if you want to be shot it out on my next video please leave a comment down below in this video and you might get picked alright everybody we'll talk to you later have a fantastic day peace


  1. Awesome video fig! Keep up the awesome content. I need to check out the pet ranch update still lol. Ive not played Roblox since Sunday when i recorded that one video ?

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