Pet Rabbit Care : Taking Your Pet Rabbit to the Vet

Hi my name is Sarah and this is Halibut, and
I am one of the exotic technicians here at Extra Care Animal Hospital, and on behalf
of Expert, I am going to provide you with some helpful information on owning
a rabbit. It is important that when you purchase your rabbit that you take your bunny to a
veterinarian for an exam and a stool check. You want to make sure that your rabbit looks
healthy and does not have any intestinal parasites. If any intestinal parasites are found, your
rabbit will scrape down an appropriate dewormer. Other important aspects of your bunny’s
care, in addition to the first visit, are annual exams just like you do with a dog or
a cat. Rabbits do not need vaccines, but they do need annual exams to make sure that there
is no signs of any disease processes, make sure you are keeping them on the appropriate
diet, make sure they don’t look too thin or too fat—which obesity does tend to be
a problem in rabbits. Once your rabbit is 5 years of age or older, he or she should
be taken to your veterinarian twice a year for exams. That is to check their teeth regularly,
because much like horses, rabbit’s teeth grow throughout their entire life. Thus, rabbits
do tend to have problems with dental disease, so it is always very important that when your
rabbit does a full physical exam that he or she checks the rabbit’s teeth. When the
vet checks the rabbit’s teeth, he or she will look for malocclusion, which can lead
to the rabbit’s teeth overgrowing and a number of other dental problems. In addition
to the exam twice a year, once your rabbit is older, your vet may or may not recommend
some wellness blood work just like you do with a dog or a cat. I do have two older rabbits
myself, and they get senior wellness blood work every year just to make sure there are
no early signs of any disease processes with the liver, kidney or any other internal organs
like that. As far as bathing goes, rabbits generally do not need baths. They spend a
lot of the day grooming themselves, and therefore keep themselves very clean. Your rabbit may
have diarrhea from time to time and might need a little bath on its rear end, but generally
an overall bath is not necessary and can be even stressful to your rabbit. If you would
like more information about our animal hospital, you can visit our website at

41 thoughts on “Pet Rabbit Care : Taking Your Pet Rabbit to the Vet

  1. Why take your rabbit to the vet? I show rabbits and get very bonded to them but I have never taken a single one to the vet. If they are sick it is just best if they pass on. Broken limb died shortly after it happened. Distenmperish crap correntined until death. Failure to thrive's are correntined till death or just waited on
    and canibalized are burried alive.

  2. You should always get your rabbit vaccinated yearly against myxomatosis and viral haemorragic disease as both are very nasty illnesses and in almost all cases lead to death. Myxomatosis in particular is prevalent in rabbits and must be vaccinated against as soon as the rabbit is between 8-12 weeks of age.

  3. hey i love rabbits and have two i posted a video of them on my account if there are any tip you could give me please do thank you
    p.s. what happened to hallibits leg

    please respond,

    p.s. anyone who reads this please watch the video of my rabbits and please if you have any tips for rabbits let me know thank you

  4. Helpful tips! Err, I hate how some people say that rabbits don't need check-ups and that just because they are small, and worth the time, but they are, and they need them!

  5. We dont have vets here that care about bunnies :((((((((( Sometimes I belive they have no idea about them. I have saved bunnies not with a vet, but searching internet :S

  6. @smallvillemarina
    If you are an experienced bunny owner, I don't see why you should bring it for check ups. 🙂

  7. i miss may bunney. i had him for 17 years. he was a little hoto. I pretey well grueup with him. may vet was always astonished about how long he lived it erned him the nick name of the enigiser bunney and the inmoetaill bunney. i had to have him pout down a little over a year agow.
    RIP Bizzey Bunney Fufu. yes i no weared name but i was quite little when i named him.
    sorey for the bad speling i ame sevear deslaxick.

  8. um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um… do you know what the hell your talking about or are you just annoying us on purpose?

  9. The part where she says Take it to the vet 2 times ayear. The rabbit is listening like: Oh god, let me outta here!

  10. HI very good video. However I always understood that pet rabbits get anual injections against snuffles, mixo m & other MMMM.

  11. my rabbit has diarrhea he is only drinking water i have tried to feed him hay but failed my local vet is closed but he is not pooping either but in the morning he was filled with waste and now he doesnt move what can i do

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