Pet Rabbit Care : Signs Your Pet Rabbit is Sick

Hi my name is Sarah and this is Halibut, and
I am one of the exotic technicians here at Extra Care Animal Hospital, and on behalf
of Expert, I am going to provide you with some helpful information on owning
a rabbit. You might be wondering how you will know when your rabbit is sick. If you rabbit
does anything that causes you any worry, you should definitely take him or her to a qualified
rabbit veterinarian. Rabbits will sometimes hide signs of illness until they are feeling
very sick. One very important thing is that rabbits should always be eating and always
be defecating. They move through large amounts of plant matter, so when they stop eating,
they go into something called GI stasis or gastrointestinal stasis. All that plant material
that they eat stops moving. It makes gas buildup, which makes the rabbit even more uncomfortable,
so it is very important that if you ever see that your rabbit isn’t eating or defecating…
Sometimes with cats and dogs they can feel a little off for a day or so; dogs might skip
a meal, cats might skip a meal. It’s not really a big deal with those guys, but in
rabbits, if they don’t eat for even 6 or 12 hours, it can be very dangerous for them.
Other things that you may see with your bunny is coughing or sneezing, discharge from the
nose or eyes. It is important that if there is any medical issue going on that you get
them to a veterinarian’s office as soon as possible. If you would like more information
about our animal hospital, you can visit our website at

100 thoughts on “Pet Rabbit Care : Signs Your Pet Rabbit is Sick

  1. awww my bunny was just sneezing and i never heard him sneeze before! he's about 6 months old and he's a mini lop rabbit. he eats alot and poops alot fer sure lol. and his nose has been alittle wet lately…is that normal?

  2. @ClickySays thats not true, they breathe fast only if they're scared or nervous. if they are calm or resting, they can breathe at a very slow rate.

  3. Could u help me My rabbit eats but he doesnt move like he use to he stays all day in one place I have to take his food to him and at times he flips on his back and he has some crust on one of his eyes please help me!!

  4. @FGS1910 If youtube didnt have advertisements, you'd have to pay to watch their videos.. Or there would be no youtube.

  5. omg im so scared about the fact that when i left school today my bunny was just sitting like a little hug (lol i dk whow else to describe it) and he didnt want to ear im scared something is wrong with him 🙁 im just hoping when i go home hes doing better…

  6. my bunny sneezes alot, i dont know if bunny's sneeze every once in a while like humans but hes been sneezing quite a bit

  7. @zorro123610 you want to make sure that the bunnie's area is clean.. their pee can burn thier skin and fur.. it happened to my bunny so we clean her house like twice a day .. 🙂 hope this helps

  8. Hey,guys,I've been meaning to ask you viewers of youtube.My rabbit,Shepard was trapped in a stickey mouse trap next door.After a couple of days later,I quarantined her inside a basket away from my other rabbits.After 1 month,she can fully move but a few days later she died.I saw as evidence,she maybe was sick,very very very sick.As a result,she shed her fur.After the pass of Shepard,Shadow (my other rabbit) shed his fur.But now,it grows back.Why is that?Please thumbs up so everyone can see ty 🙂

  9. my rabbit sneezes repeatedly once in a while. shes been doing this for a week. her episodes include about 12 sneezes. should i bring her to my vet and get her checked out..?

  10. My rabbit recently got gastrointestinal. It was the weekend so no vets offices were open. He was not eating drinking or going to the bathroom. He was got extremely skinny to the point of were you could feel almost all the bones in his body. The way I got him to drink was by putting a spoonful of sugar free apple juice, grape juice, or V8 into cold water that was in a bowl. I gave him carrot and parsley to gain his fiber again. He is now a healthy rabbit!

  11. on every one of these vidios thers at least one comment with the word "sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"… even iv done it

  12. well if it's a girl rabbit it probaly got realy sick and got something called wet tail only females can get it
    if you help it when it's to late well it dies
    thats how my first hamster went 🙁

  13. Omg all of that happend to my bunny he only lived one year my bunny dint eat much burgers came out of his nose he couldn't stand up

  14. I woak up this morning and my rabbit had brown stuff on her nose usally when I clean her cage she kind of attacks the the cleaning thing but this morning she didn't Also I picked her up and she didn't even try to run away im really sad and nervous is she sick? Another thing was that I fed her carrots and she didn't eat them I don't think she is eating or drinking or pooping or peeing When I went to put her away she lade down also she stinks really bad can someone tell me whats wrong

  15. My rabbit snezzed right now its so cute it so cute when he does that he's a baby i love him with all my heart and my other rabbit to thanks for the info

  16. My bunny babie just died this morning !!!! Ever
    Seans then I Ben crying none stop and my Buny.
    Was fine yesterday !!!! ????????? !!

  17. my bunny is eating and pooping properly but it just cant walk or move it is lying on the carpet only so wt should i do miss?

  18. My baby rabbit is two months old he is sneezing when he eats and it worries me so much my mum said if it is anything bad she would take him back!

  19. Hi everyone! I just got a Flemish Giant kit a week ago and I've caught him making a coughing sound twice now. I'm not sure what it is and I'm starting to worry about her health. If there are any rabbit experts out here, please take a look at the video I just posted on my channel and let me know if I should take her to the vet!

  20. My rabbit suddenly start shivering continuously and he is just laying quite and not playing like he used to. Can anyone tell me why is he doing so?

  21. Hey what breed is the bunny in this video? My rabbit looks identical to her. Ive been trying to find what breed she is. She also has black eyes and a classy amouny of eyeliner on the sides.

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