Pet Python Attacks Owner During Interview

okay guys it's the big New Year's Day and we just this is a grumpy snake this is reality TV baby the real need was the other one I purposely got into my cage with all my big mean ones I don't know if I use this video but anyway I like big snakes not necessarily my three big my three meanest one I own that are in this gauge but I want to know what your favorite snake is take a picture or video and upload it right behind underneath this in the comments what did you think about that I think I'm going to live through it what do you think I actually knew it would happen that's why weren't a code but I want to get hit in the face and that's why I'm around my elbow so for all you guys that think read picture me this might make you believe it but this is literally where we keep our three big mean ones and it's just a convenient cage because they're all different looking this is an original from the original ivory breeding so they're first generation Walcott that one bit down there's from the original caramel breeding which is first generation Walcott and then this this guy here is the first generation kevin recurrently blog hi so these are all first generations this shows you how much difference they are but I gotta be careful something actually got me I didn't think she'd actually get me anyway so there's what there's what they're like in the wild just like I'm like you know anyway I gotta get fucked in the face this is not fun but it is definitely funny to me because I didn't think that I thought I could pull it off the late at night and I woke she's sitting in my lap for five minutes before she did that where we're getting cameras figured out anyway peace out guys Happy New Year should I put this up if you think I'm crazy enough to put it up you should at least share it peace out you

45 thoughts on “Pet Python Attacks Owner During Interview

  1. I just realized, That's not a dark grey or black snake and one giant python and an abino, That's two huge pythons wrapped around each other and an abino.. o.o

  2. First of all peace be upon you brother I am from Iraq ?? and what you are doing is very dangerous these snakes are too dangerous to do such a good video on your safety brother

  3. The real danger is the obese one which is constantly gawking and might have attacked after this video??

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