Pet Pawlooza 2018

mr. annual Peppa loose event it's a celebration of the opening of the earing Animal Care campus so this is number eight because we opened in 2010 you we tend to have not so much good weather worth it but Seto to hunt to win be to energy cold today we got two cold cold today but our hearts are warm we love the pets and Irving we have lots of cute dogs and cats and lots of reasons to be here this monkey he's from Houston I doctored him from day he's seen Humane Society over there and we moved to Dallas oh you heard about this event we thought about coming down here with the low-cost vaccinations it's easy to come out you can get a rabies vaccination for five dollars this is Benjamin he is a Chihuahua and I think a terrier mix it's very easy to keep your pet's health up today and also just get them socialize we actually someone here to get him some free vaccinations and to just come to the dog track and just hang out it is a lot of fun even with the windy cold weather everybody's out here having a great time our vendor showed up we are pet once we're an all-natural dog treat company as well as our fresh pet treats we also make our small products that are just an all-natural way to help calm or heal dogs we wanted to come out and support the DFW Humane Society we are huge supporters of them throughout the year they all love animals they all have stuff that will help you enrich your pet's lives and you know it's really just an event to come out have a good time with friends family and your pets

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