Pet Owners Treat Sick Animals with Cannabis

Hudson has always been a happy fun loving dog but the 12 year old Portuguese water dog slowed down considerably after her arthritis worsened and a toe is amputated and so she's in pain a lot of the time and you know doesn't want to go for walks and we don't want to give her painkillers because they just knock her out sit so Michael Fassbender Dan alternative medicine that many humans used to treat their own pain and illness marijuana he gives Hudson a cannabis tincture that's made specifically for pets adding the extractor her food she's livelier she's more engaged she's happy to see if she wants to go out for walks and she seems like she's not in as much pain or she's in pain she doesn't care as much it's hard to know this one works a lot faster as more states legalized marijuana for humans more pet owners are giving the drug to their animals to treat everything from anxiety to cancer two siblings got about it yesterday Lynn tingle runs a pet adoption center and a sanctuary for animals who can't find homes she often gives cannabis to older dogs with health or behavior issues and she plans to start trying it with cats you know you just see a real difference in their spirit and that's they're just not in pain so they're happier and they're moving better and they just get a new lease on life which is you know a really terrific thing to see preeti veterinarian say there isn't enough scientific data to show that cannabis is safe and effective for treating pets and that's can't prescribe a recommend marijuana because it's illegal under federal law science is not leading the discussion on this and that's what we need to happen we need to have the studies we need to have the science so we have the background information to make these informed decisions san francisco bay street well Health says its products can treat a wide range of ailments but don't get the animals hi what we find a lot of the animals are coming to us when there's no other option when pharmaceuticals haven't worked for that animal and so again there at that last resort and cannabis is really good for those type of situations treat while teachers have been selling well at harborside health center one of California's largest marijuana dispensaries so I see a tremendous a potential I think we still have a lot to learn about these products and their efficacy and how they work with little guidance from veterinarian some pet owners are deciding on their own that cannabis is right for their four-legged companions Terry che Associated Press San Francisco

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