Pet of the Week: Meet Emi

but first I have to introduce you to any fur all hand is an animal center she's here to talk about a special event this weekend yes so we have game of Holmes this weekend nerds today and tomorrow so adoption fees are only $8 for the whole weekend and you can come meet like you said rabbit Baratheon earlier arias Ark and then Emmy especially my favorite here at the shelter she is such a sweetheart so she's a 2 year old Belgian Malinois she's been at the shelter for a couple weeks so I've gotten to know her really really well her favorite things are just hanging with her people and then she loves playing with her ball but yeah she's such a sweetheart she did great in the car on the way over here and it's just really really calm so she'd be a great buddy for somebody who you know likes to take long locks go for a runs but then someone who also kind of has a little couch potato in them that let her sit in their lap and just love on her but she's unlike her breed right yeah so those are used a lot as police canines and so and very very motivated very motivated so she's while she's motivated by snuggles and playing with her but that's about it yeah that is pretty much is that she has no future with her person that is most important I mean she loves going for walks but I also we make a point to sit in her kennel with her and you know just hang out with her because that's I just want to see I'm sitting in her kennel with her oh my gosh I tell my co-workers if you ever can't find me check any spindle because I'm probably in there like checking emails or something but yeah she's such a sweetheart oh so sweet okay so eight dollars for all pets all just for medium because pets so puppies kittens rabbits dogs cats everyone who's at the shelter's only eight dollars to adopt usually 75 and that includes all of their age-appropriate vaccinations microchip spay neuter surgery all the things that is a good deal it is and how is the capacity rate over there right now still still full still full but we're hoping game of homes will help us create some kennel space and then you know with the storms coming in we always see an uptick in Oh in intake so if people can just really make sure that they're you know know where their pets are while these storms are moving through make sure your gates are closed keep your pets indoors and keep them out of the shelter all right Jennifer thank you so much if you're interested and may just go by the Austin Animal Center 7201 levander loop they open up at 11:00 a.m. today and remember you can always check out other dogs and cats looking for a good home by going on to and clicking on the pet section

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