Pet of the Week: Buster

welcome back every Wednesday we come to you with the same message if you're thinking about adding a pet to your family you're really ought to consider adoption and that's why my friend Sarah is here from Corpus Christi Animal Care Services to introduce us to a pet who's available for adoption oddly enough now who are you wrestling with over here Sarah this is Buster Buster wrestling with his little cowboy hat on he doesn't look good in this cowboy hat way better than I do it's perfect tell us what we need to know about Buster Buster is a two to three year old American staff mix okay um he's super sweet as you can tell since I've dressed him up today I'm very gentle would be good with kids and other animals he's got he's got tags on the collar around his neck what's that about um because he has actually already been neutered he is currently vaccinated and ready to go home today so all we need is an adopting family wow so this is an this is a good-sized dog how did you say it was he's three years old so this is a it's big you want a healthy hearty dog Buster is the one that you probably need to go over there and adopt now in terms of other animals that you have for adoption you were telling me you got a lot of a lot of big ones over there right yes we do so right now we actually have um some dogs that range in all different sizes up to 115 pounds all the way down to five so we've got a larger variety of different kinds of dogs to choose from as well as cats we have some kittens available as well yeah anything unusual besides dogs and cats you may have noticed if you pet buster he's gonna want to hang around and get some more of that so this is a very lovable dog despite his big bulky look there this dog likes to be coddled and handled and petted and loved and all that now if you're thinking about going over there and adopting an animal it is easy to do in fact we're gonna put some information here up on the screen that we want to show you right now you just go by their facility over a 2626 Holly Road and here's the deal it is so easy you can go any afternoon seven days a week 1:00 in the afternoon until 5:30 in the evening drop by there if you'd rather just call and talk to them a bit eight to six forty six thirty and you can go to pet harbor calm or you can actually see pictures of the animals that they're caring for over there and maybe get a sense of an animal that you would like to adopt alright so maybe it's Buster maybe it's somebody else but again adopt-a-pet you'll be glad you did stick around folks we're coming back right after this

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