Pet of the Week: Brix

hey we’re back here and on Wednesdays we do our best to help the folks over at Corpus Christi Animal Care Services find some homes for some of the animals that they have been well caring for now you guys usually have a lot of animals to adopt out right yes Mike we do we always have lots of dogs right now we got tons of puppies we got some cats we even have two pigs right now pigs if you’re looking for a pig you know where to pick one up now you mentioned puppies hard to believe this is actually a puppy right here tell us about him that’s right this is bricks he’s about five and a half months old he’s a lab mix with some american staff mr. bricks is ready to go home today he’s been neutered he’s got all his shots he’s got his microchip so if anybody wants to have a cute quiet laid-back not too excited puppy he’s the one and that’s that’s why I wanted to mention the fact that he is a puppy cuz that was it was hard to believe because he is so calm usually we have had puppies in here who well they act like puppies they’re ready to chew and run and play and and this guy is just loving and calm and takes commands very easily so if you’re looking for a calm puppy well this would certainly be the guy to get you mentioned he’s ready to go folks still have to come in and fill out paperwork though right that’s right you just have to fill out the application for adoption because he’s five and a half months old if you have a dog at home we would recommend that you bring your dog to do a meet and greet just to make sure everybody gets along really good if you have little kids same thing bring your kids in just to make sure the kids get along with others we try to mention this every week that is so important because you don’t want to take on the responsibility of adopting a pet unless you are ready to take that responsibility right that’s right make sure that you make sure that you can care for any pet that you want to bring home to your family and again do everything you can to make sure that it would be a good fit now looking at bricks here I don’t think he’s gonna last very long so folks if you want to get in on the bricks sweepstakes all you need to do is head down to the Holly Road facility 26:26 Holly Road you can go any afternoon Monday through Saturday give them a call at eight to six forty six thirty or check out what they have to offer there on Facebook and let’s see if we can’t get bricks adopted thanks so much for being here hey folks stick around we’re back after this [Music]

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