Pet of the Week April 03, 2018

Hey Emily do you know what they call a
dog that doesn't bark? What do they call a dog it doesn't bark? A hush puppy! Hi everybody I'm here with Emily and
Perrito one of our pet of the week.
Emily what can you tell us about Perrito? So Perrito is super friendly great with
other dogs great with cats. He is heartworm positive but that's not
gonna stop you from adopting him he's super sweet super outgoing and
heartworms is very treatable. He is sponsored by Escambia County, Friends of
Escambia County Animal Shelter so they'll be happy to help you with the
payment, the expenses of treating him for heartworm. What else do we know about him
how old is he? About two years old. So Perrito is very sweet he likes to
run around play with everybody check the whole place, he's a curious sweet dog it
should be great for any home. He loves to sit on your lap. He should be a good family pet for anybody but if
also if it's a like a older retired couple that just want somebody to travel
with them and hang out I think Perrito would do fine in that environment as
well. So April is heartworm awareness month. As we talked about, Perrito is
heartworm positive it is treatable but it is also preventable. If you
keep your dog on heartworm prevention you can get that from your veterinarian
and give it once typically it's a once a month sometimes it's an application to
the to the skin sometimes it's an oral medication that they can take but it is
a prevent there are preventative that can keep them from getting heartworms.
We highly encourage all our people that are watching to get their dogs on
heartworm preventative it's very important. It's a lot more
expensive to treat and it's a lot harder on the dog if you can imagine worms and
the heart is not going to be very comfortable. So we definitely want people
to get to get their animals on preventative and keep them on it.
Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes
so a lot of times if you don't have it on preventative it
gets bit by a mosquito that's been caring, they can give the dog heartworm.
With heartworms they can do do a test usually during your annual
checkup when you get your vaccinations and you got to make sure you get your
rabies and other vaccinations done every year anyway they should do a heartworm
test at that time to make sure that the dog is negative and then keep it on
preventative to prevent it for the next
year. Hey everybody wants you to meet Brad Kitt, he's about a two-year-old
orange tabby neutered male and Emily what can you tell us about Brad Bitt? So
Brad came to us as an owner surrender they had a big family and we're starting
with another family member and had a bunch of animals already so they decided
he needed to come here and be up for adoption. He's neutered negative on all
of his tests that he's had here and he's just ready to go home he's great with
dogs great with other cats great with kids. He's living in the catnip cafe
correct? Correct. So he's out there with a bunch of other cats already you come
visit him catnip cafe is a great place to meet cats here at the shelter there's
plenty of room in there you get to sit down and you get to see them in their
natural how much what they'd be like at home so come visit Brad Kitt. He needs a

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