Pet Monkey Loves Melon! (Messy Melon!)

million everybody Judy and Lillian Louise here so how do you everybody say hello she just woke up she took him back says she's still a little sleepy but Brandon went uptown today and we wanted to get Lillian something so he took his own little own money and he bought Lily in a present so he's fixing to bring it in for Lillian Brandon you want to bring in her present would you brother get for you that's a nice way to wake up isn't it wake up to play there oh dear what if you brother got oh she says what you got into there what is that you're sure what it is look at that that's a honeydew melon Lillian yeah does that smell good look give me it look what Brandi bought for you can we get down there and look at it what is that what is that baby did preman get you a present yeah it smells good enough to eat doesn't it huh can you pick it up he's pregnant eating your present she woke at didn't she naughty she's awake now she always knocks her piano I really do be relit to Brandon can you get down there and roll it to Brandon go Keating can you go get your baby off that ball your baby fell down or you can roll that over the top of your baby blanket brand-new got it your baby eaten it now who's your baby eating that your baby see that's so good that's pretty good yeah I can't get a bite she's balancing she rubbing her hands what is that can you eat it can you eat it yeah yeah it's not as light as a ball roll it back toward the piano she's trying to pick it up do you want to cut it for ya you want peace crowd Brandon's gonna cut that for you are you hungry do bad all right he's gonna bring you something so you can eat it okay Oh what does Brandon have oh yeah look at that yeah that's it right there do you like it no she pulled a chunk off she likes it it's that good you like that pretty good yeah yeah pretty good say Thank You Brandon yeah hey Brandon get that for you mm-hmm hey Brandon get that for that baby boy she like that that's pretty good saving a piece said pretty good Brandon we should get a towel or something baby getting that all over her carpet she like yeah she does like that you did good whoa that was the wrong thing to do probably gonna end up on my head yeah we good yeah you say Thank You Brandon yeah I thought sitting there I thought of you oh if your brother love you he's leaving on June 6th and he's gonna miss this monkey yeah see if I can get something for all the way back from your present home she's gonna miss you too if y'all haven't seen an earlier video a friend then talking about going to camp he is fixing to go to camp in June and he will be gone for a whole night yeah she likes that Brandon can you say Thank You Brandon granny got you big piece this time yeah birdie sit right down here so I can get her fever get down here oh my goodness look at that big piece mm-hmm oh yeah mm-hmm Ian's messy I should pick something that one messy boy she liked that mm-hmm that pretty good don't be my ear what she's dumping in there's my trashcan pretty good next time I'll get you a toy or something there's messy she likes to eat better than she does toys all that yeah no I'll get it toy toy next time yeah it's done dripping down my arm everything I didn't know there's gonna be this mess we got her told oh my gosh that's funny we can tap it her in the high chair yeah all right everybody I think Brandon made a big hit yeah big mistake did you get branded on dirty look at her she's never right now she never gets a drop on her dad all right everybody I think brain did made a big hit with that yeah are you trying to get everybody in the camera okay well if you haven't subscribed a Lilian's channel make sure to hit that subscribe button below and there is a bell right beside it if you would click on that bell it will notify every time we upload a new video yeah so hit that battle ring my bell yeah say ring my bell everybody we hope y'all are having an awesome day today y'all ring that bell you miss our video yeah you need to hit that subscribe button and ring the bell below and don't miss out on any of Lillian's videos we have a lot of really good videos and we upload all the time yeah so you don't want to miss out make sure you drop her comment below we all read the comments and I read the comments to Lillian yeah give her big thumbs up on your way out and we will catch y'all next time hey pop I can't earn a grade Becca yeah bye bye bye bye I gotta clean up I'm all sticky down alright we'll catch y'all next time have a great day

35 thoughts on “Pet Monkey Loves Melon! (Messy Melon!)

  1. Hi Judy, Lillian, and Brandon,
    Brandon made me spit my coffee out when you zoomed in on his stomach.LOL
    Lillian is so funny with the mess she made on Brandon.LOL

  2. Wow at Lillian Louise is a beautiful beautiful monkey how she plays is incredible she lights my day every I watch her… I LOVE YOU

  3. Brandon is leaving on my birthday? I hope he really has a great time! When he come back I think it will be an awesome reunion video when Lillian sees him again after being gone for a while. I’m sure she’s going to wonder where he’s at. Love and hugs everyone!

  4. Hi Judy lillian Brandon an Billy an kelly glad to see everyone is doing well an that melon looks mmm good lillian an you look like you are sure enjoying that melon an you are so funny thinking its a ball an Brandon you are the best brother in the whole world thank you for making her day an a wake up call amazing well can't wait to see you in the next video ???????????????

  5. Hey Ms Lillian, this looks like a lot of fun, just wondering if ya, ll grew any melons for our girl. please tell Brandon we'll miss him for sure. he'll know next time bring a love to all from Arkansas.???????????

  6. My Youngest Son is going on a Church trip and he will be gone for 10 days to Arizona. First time he will be away from me, he leaves early July. ***I LOVE to see video's of her eating, so cute!!!

  7. Lillian just gave brother Brandon a honey do list, plz clean up my honey dew, lol, she really liked her melon, good call Brandon, please keep those videos comin

  8. Lillian did your brother bought you a melon little girl? Brandon you are such a good big brother to buy her melon. Lillian did you like the melon that your brother brought for you?

  9. I know you Brandon. You gonna give in to Lillian what she wants. A little mess from Lillian = lifetime of happiness that she gives to all of you.

  10. Hi pretty girl Lillian!! Your brother brought you a gift! Honeydew is my favorite but it's only great homegrown. They taste much better when they are allowed to ripen on the vine. Yummy. I bet Lillian will miss you & will be so happy to see you Brandon. ❤❤ She made a mess of you Brandon.

  11. Boy!That Monkey Girl came alive from her nap.The Melon….She pushed and pulled on it;Stood on it,rolled it,almost ran over Baby with it,then finally got to chow down on it Lol.Brandon,you hit a home run with the melon.You might want to put on a rain slicker next time though Lol.

  12. Lillian's looks so cute with Brandon and she sure loves her melon?? Brandon I wish you a safe and fun bless camping trip. You sure will be missed??

  13. O.M.G.. she is so darn cute love to kiss my screen so much.. awe Brandon Your The Best Brother Ever Have Fun At Camp so its June 10 i take it he gone to camp.. hope he has an awesome time… love you lillian so much thanks Judy … Much Love From London omg brandon your a mess lol but love it

  14. Aww, Brandon sure does know the way to your heart lillian. ? sounds good. Bring baby wipes next time Brandon.

  15. You make me laugh so hard at the things you do I love watching you and I love watching you pick on your Brother it is so hilarious I love you Lillian

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